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  1. Hemps

    im sure cod ww2 will be a good game, but i doubt it will come close to what BF1 got going. the graphics and game play is the best out there!
  2. i loved that game, and the soundtrack was the best!!! a new version would be cool...
  3. Hemps

    Yo Shamu!! long time, welcome back!!
  4. Hemps

    usps will ship it for $215, takes like 10-12 day which is np. still working out how much it will cost to receive it in England , not sure what they do as in taxes, ect,.
  5. Hemps

    ups lady said to look into DHL also....will stop by post office too... anyone know if there any taxes, ect the UK will want? the lady at ups said something about it but didn't know. thanks
  6. im looking to ship a PC to the UK and was wondering how to go about it and what shipping company i should go with. never shipped to UK before so don't have a clue on any extra charges from the UK ,ect? don't care on time it takes to get there, but UPS said around $600 us. going to look into other carriers but any help would be great!!!
  7. Hemps

    s7 here also, and i love it!!! it is the mothership of all smart phones!!
  8. Hemps

    there are hackers in every game! in BF1 you come across them once in awhile. but other then that, BF1 is the best FPS i have ever played. the graphics and sound are awesome!!! game play rocks with great game modes, the action is non stop!!!
  9. im looking into one of the Springfield Armory XD guns. a bunch of options to choose from and not too pricey shot a couple of the XDs and like them. http://www.springfield-armory.com/explore/concealed-carry/
  10. very nice!!! lots of sales going on out there and im itching to pick me up another.....
  11. Very nice! i would love to have the Grand and the carbine!!
  12. Hemps

    Happy B-Day Power!!
  13. Hemps

    lol you know im 39....
  14. Hemps

    it's still illegal no matter who installs it. homeowners are allowed to work on there own houses without having a plumbing, electrical, ect licenses . but the work still has to pass code.
  15. don't watch this show myself, but saw a post on FB and had to share. truly awesome.
  16. i just got a XFX r9 390 8gb and it rocks, plays BF4 and star wars battlefront and any other game i play at max settings. the price difference between the 8gb vs the 16gb is a lot, and as good as the 8gb card does it seems like a waist to buy the 16gb, unless you got cash burning a hole threw you pocket id go with the 8gb.
  17. Hemps

    i can't wait!! There is a blimp!! say no more!
  18. Hemps

    looks good!!!! will it work for our Nam FTag?
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