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  1. Magnus_1

    I'll give it a go....
  2. Magnus_1

    Breathe.... deeply to relax a little. Prayers coming.
  3. Magnus_1

    Here's my 2017 Indian Chieftain. You may now drool, just keep it off the bike...LOL
  4. Confound it, Magnus......  ?

  5. Magnus_1

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I am honored that you'd think of me, my Brothers !
  6. Magnus_1

    My prayers are with you both. You might want to look up Hempmeds. They're having great results with the stuff. CBD oil supposed to work wonders for a lot of cancers.
  7. Magnus_1

    LOL !!!!!!
  8. Magnus_1

    I have a Z97 Asus Pro Gamer chip set board and an Intel i4790 cpu if your interested, at a real good price. PM me.
  9. Magnus_1

    Sounds like a great Lady with a huge heart. Your loss is heaven's gain...My condolences.
  10. Magnus_1

    Next time consider buying Samsung SSDs They ARE the best.Longevity and speed unequaled.
  11. Magnus_1

    WELCOME TO >XI< !!!
  12. Magnus_1

  13. Sorry, Dude I didn't know you are a member.....I don't know how that got by me...

  14. Magnus_1

  15. Magnus_1

    Welcome, welcome all are welcome.......This house is clear .....of sanity.
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