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  1. Shamu

    I have been having health issues recently but they are not an excuse for not gaming. I would like to just blame getting old (74 on 11/04/17) but that is not it either. Basically I just became complacent. An old fart if you will. I have been doing lots of reading and am currently reading a book by Bill O'Reilly, Legends and Lies: The Patriots. In it he quoted Ben Franklin and it gave me pause for thought. Franklin had said "We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing". It gave me pause for thought. Maybe I am growing old because I stopped playing. I have said it before and failed but I am going to try and remedy that. Poor timing at the moment because of a death in the family this morning that will require some of my time. But I do hope to resurrect myself. Gaming was a big part of my life, good time, good friends. Hopefully in the next few days I can kick start myself once my family obligations are settled.
  2. Shamu

    No, I have not stopped gaming again. Well temporarily I have. I had a heart procedure performed last Friday, 4/28/17, and it did not accomplish it's goal. I was in A-Fib and was to have an Ablation, my 4th one. This time they needed to go into the left chamber of my heart, more complicated than the right. Bottom line it did not work and I had to have a Cardioversion (Shock) to get me out of A-Fib. I was on the table for 7 hours and the procedures kicked my ass a bit. We are now trying to address the issue with medication and it may take time to dial it in. I am much better and close to being somewhat normal. I expect to being back in game shortly.
  3. Shamu

    Obviously I do not know how to post a link. Advice welcome.
  4. Shamu

  5. Shamu

    R.I.P J Geils https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqDjMZKf-wg
  6. Shamu

    R.I.P J Geils https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqDjMZKf-wg
  7. Shamu

    RIP Chuck Berry, one of the masters of Rock and Roll.
  8. Shamu

    And a personal favorite>
  9. Shamu

    Here is an oldie not much replayed but popular when issued.
  10. Shamu

    I still have my place in the Poconos but sold my runabout and bought a 14 ft fishing bought, electric motor. I have two lots on a "catch and release" lake for fishing. Looking forward to fishing with my grand kids.
  11. Shamu

    I did have some swelling but that too has been addressed.
  12. Shamu

    I have not disappeared again but have been ill since mid last week. Turns out I was in A-fib and had to have my heart adjusted. Pulse was out of whack. I was in the hospital Tues and Wednesday and had what they call a Cardioversion. It where they shock your heart back into rhythm. My rhythm will never be normal but I am out of A-fib and have had my meds adjusted a wee bit. Back on shortly, at my daughters for the moment being baby sat. While I feel fine and do not need to be here she feels better about it. She is a nurse and watches me like a hawk. I usually thoroughly disappoint her but gave on on my first day out of the hospital. I should also add she brought me home from the hospital and I have been held hostage. Go back to get my car parked outside the ER tomorrow. It is fun spending time with the grand kids. I even got to do "home work" with them. Judging from the home work today I would fail a few grades. Shamu
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