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  1. Don

    I have changed my name from The Eskimojoe to Don ,this has been carried out by ROCKAPE>XI<ADM at my request and all records have been updated. Tired of the comments and rude remarks about the name and all so I just changed it to avoid any crap ppl have with my old name , kind of think all this crap that is going on with politicly correct names and that's not right , this is not right ppl should grow up and stop being a bunch of babies about stuff that really don't mater and worry about themselves , but I love playing with you all and so guess I'm going with the flow for now. hope to see you all in there.. oh watch out for that Stephine chick , she can be a real booger in game ,,, lol
  2. I like the new mod , I think it should be set back to the test version, and also put up the old version on a separate serve, so tired of hearing ppl cry, (oh he stole my nuke, or they stole my package) it’s a perk get over it, I do agree some tweaks need done and stuff but I don’t agree trying to please just a few ppl, it’s new try it out give your ideas, don’t badger Sammy , he is doing what he can , but not everyone is gonna like it, so why can’t we have both versions up on separate servers, that why the ones who cry can go to that server since they can’t cope with change. But all in all I love all you idiots 😊
  3. Don

    Hope for a speedy recovery our thoughts are with you , and your family
  4. yea me and Icequeen gonna get some buttery nipples !!!
  5. Don

    Welcome to the club
  6. Don

    Army vet 15G10 , 12C, and 31R , retire in 2 months few pics of me ..
  7. I agree it look very promising and would be a big team effort game COOL!!
  8. Don

    Nashville , Texas ,somewhere south but central would be great , lots to do, not to big on the idea of a boat with the kids and kinda far for us but its not all up to me...
  9. Don

    agree south would be great me and wife would love to come
  10. Don

    thoughts are with you , I know its a hard thing , iv lost my mom and I still love her today as if she was here .
  11. Oh great , Welcome to the clan honey!!
  12. Don

    still gonna change the maps on ace mod :sofa:

    1. dadda2


      hi was away for the weekend will try for monday if not will leave for another week 

      still waiting for some more maps to add to your rotation


      would like to put that one up

      cheers dadda2


  13. hi baby , lets kick some but , now just got to get them tags on ya ,,


  14. Don

    wow someone is in love with them self , good luck in game see u there



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