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  1. DanWelsh86

    If it has a proper community like BF3 & 4 did then I'll get it. No idea why DICE isolated the PC community so much? Just let us run our servers the way we want.
  2. It can't come soon enough with the most OP shottys in a game ever. Serious, it's like walking about with the Golden Gun.
  3. DanWelsh86

    This thread like, it will never reach a conclusion.
  4. DanWelsh86

    Yeah it works perfectly on W10.
  5. DanWelsh86

    This has got to be a no brainer. Anything that improves netcode should be a given, imo. Let's put it on.
  6. DanWelsh86

    We can put Vietnam maps into the rotation?
  7. DanWelsh86

    Croeso you Irish bastard.
  8. DanWelsh86

    Danger, Come on mate, you both give each other shit. This is a ridiculous thread, honest.
  9. DanWelsh86

    I can't agree with that, i've seen plenty of people complaining. Yes the server is for them, but for everyone else also. Sometimes it becomes the Zonk show and it takes the piss. I'm not saying ban them, but if it gets too much then just do some balancing. They should be able to see the logic in that.
  10. DanWelsh86

    It's not a personal issue, however it's for the benefit of everyone in the server. If normal players are kicking off over it, and the balance is weighted too much because of them, then I feel it would be reasonable. Remember the servers aren't there to accomodate Zonk, they're for everyone. I have to admit, it gets tiring when they're on sometimes and many players are complaining about it.
  11. DanWelsh86

    Like mentioned, the solution is simple and been mentioned. Once they are at full compliment, and the balance has been affected by it then just split them. That's not a hackusation issue, it's a general team balance for the benefit of everyone on the server.
  12. DanWelsh86

    I'll jump in here also. I have extensively recorded the Zonk guys, and apart from the one I can 100% verify they are not cheating. If you watch them play, they know where people are because of the TS usage, and they are far worse when only 1 or 2 play. Searches for their name online, also brings up other servers which cannot find any evidence of them cheating, however as it disrupts the server, when they are all on they should be split up. They are sore losers, when they do lose however.
  13. DanWelsh86

    It was absolute BS! I was pumping mags into people and they weren't dying. Fragnet are appauling with a decent ping, this was like playing with Starbucks internet. I'm still bitter about it all to be honest.
  14. DanWelsh86

    I'll probably get it, although at the minute it's lacking players on the servers and the Beta feels restrictive. You've got to remember how rough BF4 Beta was? at least this one has less performance issues, though it's still a Beta from a while ago.
  15. I know you want it stock, which is cool....but the excessive mod is probably the best. Also, anyone know of the easiest way to put it to 1080p?
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