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  1. Downloading the closed Alpha right now. I'll do some games tonight, curious how it is
  2. After watching the jack frags video I am excited as well. Hopefully community servers will make a proper come back too. Even though bf1 kinda sucked after playing a while, I probably will pre-order 5 anyway..
  3. I am finally done moving, or well the most important part is done, i have my own mancave now . So I'd like to join as well, depending on when of course.
  4. kadaverke

    I just hope it is set in modern times, kinda done with the past allready.. And while they're at it, bring back proper servers ^^
  5. I often have only an hour to play, so i just join a full server instead of sitting in an empty one. But i will be moving next month, after that i have more time and most of all, my own mancave I will be more online then
  6. I just bought the game and downloading it now. Just this week i found out the game was released.. I thought it was still in beta Like Barron said, it is only 10 euros/dollars.
  7. kadaverke

    I like the mods for the scopes, tried them out yesterday. Thanks for the links, saved me time testing and trying them all out
  8. kadaverke

    I am with Papi! Good to see a XI server going well again on BF. Thanks all who got it started and keep it going
  9. kadaverke

    Played on it some time today, it was full all the time so that's nice. Now next step: mixed mode servers The game is getting there. Like i said before, just wait for november and all we be made good
  10. Read that as well, but I think even if proper servers come back it might be to late. A lot of communities stayed at bf4 or moved on to other games. It kinda sucks tho, I think the bf series went backwards with bf1. I miss a proper bf game and sadly I've not found a good replacement. Though I have fun with insurgence and rainbow six siege, those are focused on infy only. I don't see myself playing those games 2000 hours like I did in bf4
  11. Installed new switch today codpiece. Attached a photo so you can find it in the cockpit. It is overhead. Please also read the rules on when to release in order to not get caught. Damnit, now i'm doing it again. This was meant as a PM, really should look better next time.
  12. kadaverke

    Codpiece, we have a new policy on debunking these theories. We no longer come up with 'facts'. We now create even weirder theories to cause confusion in order for us to get on with mind controlling clouds and our great work in the other time space continuum. Fuck, this was meant as a PM
  13. Sounds good. I do hope though that the next installment keeps the overall infantry focused maps. But I'm interested to see how they gonna implement the vehicles.
  14. Not gonna waste time watching, but I think it's fair to say the above clips are utter bullshit Nah just kidding, I work for the government and its all real man. I just came back from a trip into 2025. I'm selling the winning numbers for the lottery soon, but don't tell anyone else.
  15. Damn Barron, take it easy the coming weeks and get well soon! Wanking is what I call stress relief, should be fine then Take care!



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