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  1. Freelancer

    trust me from experience that's the worst thing to do. Lost a really good friend that way.
  2. Freelancer

    please don't had enough of archaeology!
  3. Freelancer

    Let me check my calendar, I'm supposed to be in Barbados doing archaeological things some time then.
  4. Freelancer

    well if we are going to look at the Bristol area may I suggest Bath instead? its on the m4, and I think there are trains from the north too pulling into Bath Spa though I could be wrong on that.
  5. Freelancer

    Cardiff's good fun and Cheese might get a chance to get laid there, but im easy with either that or Nottingham any thing else may need me to update my passport.
  6. Freelancer

    cheers guys
  7. anyone else see the funny side of Danger having an issue with someone else camping?
  8. Freelancer

    You know, as a trial it might be worth trying.
  9. Cant do this Saturday, maybe Sunday morning after that in free for the next few Saturdays.
  10. Probably a feature they will add after all the dcl's have been released
  11. Freelancer

    Jay4Admin!!!! Grats m8
  12. Riot shield! RIOT SHIELD!!!!!!! RIOT SHIELD! i cant wait!!!
  13. A hammer. A Hammer fixes all.
  14. Freelancer

    Ill tell you what, out of all the times iv been knifed 99% of those are by my own knife! stupid frontal knife counter!
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