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  1. KillingmanXI

    Have you seen another Download 20.10 GB Wtf it will take me ages to do that..
  2. KillingmanXI

  3. KillingmanXI

    Ok Steve noted me old China 😜
  4. KillingmanXI

    Hi all it looks like i will be on Airport duties. So I will pick everyone up what i need now is all your flight times with your ETA Thank you in advance Killingman>XI<
  5. KillingmanXI

    Not long now woo hoo
  6. KillingmanXI

    https://booking.com/s/63_6/45df0744 Book via link for moneys off at hotel.
  7. KillingmanXI

    All Booked ready to go!!!!!!
  8. KillingmanXI

    Barcelona all the way then it is woo hoo...
  9. KillingmanXI

    http://www.cocoonbarcelona.com/en/barcelona-apartment-rentals.php?arrival_input=Thu%2C+19+Sep+2019&amp;arrival=19-09-2019&amp;departure_input=Sun%2C+22+Sep+2019&amp;departure=22-09-2019&amp;nbre_p=12&amp;nbre_bb=0&amp;f_location_type=0&amp;activepage=1&amp;search_filter=1&amp;quality1=0&amp;quality2=0&amp;quality3=0&amp;quality4=0&amp;search=1 This is a web site for flats it works out for 12 people at 51 euros per night or €160 for the whole weekend not bad and cheep.......
  10. KillingmanXI

    Hi welcome hope you get on well.......
  11. KillingmanXI

    Nice one Hans It's First weelend of september. Happy days
  12. KillingmanXI

    Yep Im in only if you give me my Berlin Award
  13. KillingmanXI

    try this ip for teamspeak : dadda2-tshome.ddns.net password is spare
  14. KillingmanXI

    try this ip for teamspeak : dadda2-tshome.ddns.net password is spare
  15. KillingmanXI

    Fucking Ass licker
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