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  1. Random spawns are easier to fix than map noise you run the risk of corrupting the map file by trying to remove the fx , it was called cleaning the map iwd files - google it you will need winrar to bust down the map files. You just need a sucker to volunteer the countless hours of redundancy to learn using the visual mover built into the mod to fix spawns
  2. Depends on how many plugins you install with b3 , keeping it simple is a good thing but i never found it to affect any of my servers. I kept the active plugins low for that reason, and yeah NFO meh , but yeah you would need access to the sql database to properly install, sounds like you have a good handle on things jester. Sammy is the load based map configuration still intact ,
  3. Install b3 it has a add on to vote on maps - like or dislike simple admin program wrote in python and easy to manage pretty sure you guys have it that’s where the FU commands came from. The open banter add on
  4. Intruder

    Happy Birthday Wildthing , hope your thing still goes wild
  5. For ow2 mw2 yes I need the original source code. I had everything but lost the hardware due to theft in a data center and I'm rebuilding my library , I'll send you a pm later and maybe we can work out getting it and thanks Sammy , sorry to rob for hijacking your thread
  6. Ski started the TCC league for clan s/d and it ran several seasons , I don't think anyone started any leagues using the Ftag part of openwarefare to bad it was discontinued. I'm having a hard time finding a root source for mw2 tell your buddy sledgehammer to help me out lol was the .svn saved somewhere Sammy ?
  7. I have a empty test server running with mitsi bo2 mod W/Redirect, i was testing, I'd donate for that purpose if you wanted Sammy , what would be even better would be a singles ladder league I could probably set up a ruleset.gsc and make it easy for anyone pre determined by guid to start there own match usIng the acp panel
  8. That would be a good bounty donation policy I would donate to get a money bag on chili
  9. Ive fixed a couple peoples PB install that were getting kicked. I just drug my PB folder off on to there desk top via team viewer. Deleted there PB folder and replaced it with mine and then ran the pb.exe inside the folder to test the service.. fixed !!
  10. So i took most of the year off away from the PC , recently started playing again since its cold out side. After a few weekends playing on the freeze tag server the game would crash when i clicked "JOIN GAME" to load the server list. I joined under a different profile no problem so the MPDATA file for my main profile was corrupt in some way i thought. I went through it and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary except two things, the console was turned off and game join type was odd. Anyways if you encounter a game crash when hitting join now start your game open the console and type /ui_joingame Type 1 ( for some reason mine had changed to 17) click "JOIN NOW" >server list should load. walla - fixed not sure the root cause but if it happens again i'll dig and find it.
  11. you under cover cause the K/D is so bad on the main ? haha
  12. Intruder

    Like i said in my post . Evolve was caught off guard - there the only ones trying to accomidate the xfire users . It will take some time but i bet it ends up being a similar program. I would imagine right now the shock load has them working 24/7 and funding is a issue. There is no immediate solution but who is going to put the work in is whats being watched. I'll install it and try to join before i support it but from what i am reading which is often wrong, they have my attention.
  13. Intruder

    Im not a member but i'll give 2 cents on the topic anyway. Ive ran many servers and 2 different clans over about 20 years and i've seen applications come and go hell i remember using Roger Wilco for voice coms - anyway. Not all will be 100% on board with any change. Bottom line change sucks on the virtual world and people are reluctant but you boss's will have to just pick the best option you can and go with it. There is not a perfect replacement for xfire and those of you that have been around long enough heard the same bitching from members about getting xfire in the first place. I havent tested evolve but they seem to be the only ones that are similar and are making a huge effort to streamline xfire members into evolve which means it will suck at first and gradually get better - or atleast serve a good purpose until another better application is designed. Much of the gaming world shifted away from PC back to console several years ago and its Very SLOWLY coming back so hopefully some little freak needs a cool project for his college class and loves playing FPS games. https://blog.evolvehq.com/2015/06/goodbye-xfire-we-will-miss-you/ TS and overwolf are paid for but i dont see the appeal as a community for communication. The idea of chat messangers from a leadership role are getting somoenes attention when there not in game usually to discuss issues or ideas. You dont really want bothered if your actually playing a game with tabbing out. From members point of view your looking for a way to see where friends are playing and follow them in various servers, again i dont see where TS/ Overwolf is a huge appeal. Rather its just already proven and safe but not a viable replacement for what is actually needed. I play multiple games and im assuming evolve will be largely accepted from many communities as the new xfire but thats yet to be seen.
  14. So boom when I own you like normal and your crying I can refer you to your own post



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