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  1. Tiger!

    I am booked in at the Quality Inn. For sure the 14, 15th. 16th we will see. Can't WAIT!!!!
  2. Tiger!

    LMAO redirected too many times?? Welcome back
  3. Tiger!

    @@Bosun Yes Montreal is English Friendly. I have lived here my whole life. But the City is a very tourist friendly city you will hear about some incidents but they are rare. Old Montreal is great, the old Port. Mont Royal plus more and more. Tiger
  4. Tiger!

    It's a Maybe... Depends on the date and if I can get my Quebec Passport to come into Canada.....
  5. Tiger!

    I would love to do this again!!! Old School Gun Game
  6. Tiger!

    Hey Cooper, Ya it is a redirect not a kick nothing personal.... because if it was we would kick Sharpe first. Maybe an admin can look at where the redirect is pointing? Maybe redirect to Ftag 1... or at least to server with people playing in it.
  7. Congrats!! Still don't like you !! hahaha
  8. Tiger!

    your CPU could be over heating too.
  9. Tiger!

    Wait Jester was gone? who knew?? I Guess welcome back....
  10. Tiger!

    3 Mirrors cough 5 LOL Very Proud of you!! It shows with hard work, you can do anything. Guess I have no more excuses to lose the 40 lbs I need too.. Thank ASSHOLE Keep up the good work.
  11. Tiger!

    We should do a Poll with 10 places, and narrow it down to the top three and hold another vote for the final choice. This might get more member participation and maybe more people showing up. Just my 2 cents



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