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  1. Sorry to hear that if it’s true....you don’t know what you are missing. Nearly 18,000 cups of coffee for 2 people in 6 years seems reasonable to me, but I’m obviously biased. Of course we’ve had people over who’ve also had some of these cups, and our daughters occasionally have some...I do know that if I had to live without coffee I’d be extremely sad. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that I truly wouldn’t want to do without. I could be perfectly content in life as long as I had access to coffee, music and my Kindle.
  2. I just finished descaling our coffee machine and found the statistics section in the settings. It shows how many cups of coffee we’ve made since I bought this machine almost 6 years ago. ️️️
  3. Tron

    About time!
  4. Tron

    I’m going to Vegas April 16th. Have fun.
  5. Cheers @FunStick. These pints currently being enjoyed in the Rose & Crown at Epcot are brought to you by #Bitcoin .
  6. No bro, I use Gemini. Also, I have Diamond Hands
  7. Tron

    I will be praying for you and your daughter @loaderXII can slightly empathize with you. My 22 yo daughter just had to undergo a cardiac catheterization procedure last week to have a radio frequency ablation of a conduction abnormality that was causing her heart rate to suddenly shoot up to 200+ bpm and make her pass out.
  8. Nice work on the original post @Funstick>XI< ....I am guessing many of the comments in this thread dismissing Bitcoin as a "pyramid scheme" haven't spent any time actually learning about it. So if you have a genuine interest in learning why Bitcoin will be important going forward, read this article: https://www.lynalden.com/misconceptions-about-bitcoin/
  9. @KaptCrunchI have the cd version but my new system doesn't have a cd drive. I do have a portable dvd drive, but I can't find the correct USB cable for it. I was thinking about just buying the game on Steam, but I can also just run over to Best Buy and get the correct cable to use with this drive. Is there a big difference which version of the game I use? As far as drive sizes you were asking...my new PC came with a 480GB SSD as well as a 2 TB standard HD if that's what you were asking.
  10. I'm in the process of backing up my PC to transition over to a new PC that I just purchased. Can someone please remind me which files in the Activision Call of Duty 4 folder I need to back up so that my player profile, level and player loadouts I use in game can all be ported over the the new installation once I get the new PC up and running? Any other helpful tips as to what I should do before I unhook the old computer from my monitors would be much appreciated. I am coming from a PC that was still running Windows 7 to one that has Windows 10.
  11. Tron

    Looks like slices of something in a gravy....potatoes or maybe slices of turkey meat?
  12. Tron

    @Timmah!Here's a pork butt I did a couple weeks ago. Same mustard/rub combo. Smoked at 250 for 11 hours with no wrapping, basting or saucing of any kind. Juicy tender pulled pork which I also portion out and vacuum seal. It also makes great pork tacos...throw some in a frying pan with a little water and some taco seasoning when the mood strikes.



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