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  1. Is it possible to turn off the tracers for sniper rifles only? It seems like if you are going to play a sniper, it should be harder for people to figure out where you are.
  2. The lowered time when coming out of a car or other kill streak is too short given that you are already visible for about 1.5 sec before you can raise a weapon and fire...which essentially means the way you recently set it makes you almost instantly vulnerable when coming out of a kill streak. I understand wanting to shorten it from the previous combat medic length...but come on.
  3. Tron

    I just wrote a check to the IRS for $23,841 so I guess...You’re welcome??? Don’t spend it all on hookers and cocaine.
  4. Sorry to hear that if it’s true....you don’t know what you are missing. Nearly 18,000 cups of coffee for 2 people in 6 years seems reasonable to me, but I’m obviously biased. Of course we’ve had people over who’ve also had some of these cups, and our daughters occasionally have some...I do know that if I had to live without coffee I’d be extremely sad. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that I truly wouldn’t want to do without. I could be perfectly content in life as long as I had access to coffee, music and my Kindle.
  5. I just finished descaling our coffee machine and found the statistics section in the settings. It shows how many cups of coffee we’ve made since I bought this machine almost 6 years ago. ️️️
  6. Tron

    About time!
  7. Tron

    I’m going to Vegas April 16th. Have fun.
  8. Cheers @FunStick. These pints currently being enjoyed in the Rose & Crown at Epcot are brought to you by #Bitcoin .
  9. No bro, I use Gemini. Also, I have Diamond Hands
  10. Tron

    I will be praying for you and your daughter @loaderXII can slightly empathize with you. My 22 yo daughter just had to undergo a cardiac catheterization procedure last week to have a radio frequency ablation of a conduction abnormality that was causing her heart rate to suddenly shoot up to 200+ bpm and make her pass out.
  11. Nice work on the original post @Funstick>XI< ....I am guessing many of the comments in this thread dismissing Bitcoin as a "pyramid scheme" haven't spent any time actually learning about it. So if you have a genuine interest in learning why Bitcoin will be important going forward, read this article: https://www.lynalden.com/misconceptions-about-bitcoin/



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