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  1. Tron

    Looks like slices of something in a gravy....potatoes or maybe slices of turkey meat?
  2. Tron

    @Timmah!Here's a pork butt I did a couple weeks ago. Same mustard/rub combo. Smoked at 250 for 11 hours with no wrapping, basting or saucing of any kind. Juicy tender pulled pork which I also portion out and vacuum seal. It also makes great pork tacos...throw some in a frying pan with a little water and some taco seasoning when the mood strikes.
  3. Tron

    I do my ribs using the 3-2-1 method. I baste them in yellow mustard and then hit with a dry rub that I love called Kosmos Q Honey Killer Bee BBQ Rub(get on Amazon). I then wrap them in heavy duty foil after 3 hours..but before I wrap them I put a layer of brown sugar topped with honey on the foil and lay the ribs top side down on top of the sugar/honey...then wrap them real tight. Cook at 225 (my smoker will wander between 210-240 when I set it here) I start layering the sauce as soon as they come out of the foil....put sauce on every 20 minutes during the final hour. Here's a shot of the
  4. Tron

    I like the food posts @Timmah! keep them coming. I'll share some food porn here too...These are the ribs I made on Sunday using my Cookshack Fast Eddie's pellet smoker. Used a mix of 50/50 Apple and Cherry pellets.
  5. Tron

    So sorry for your loss bud. Praying for you and your family.
  6. Tron

    Welcome fellow idiot.
  7. Tron

    @WeednFeedIf you like those, you need to try this stuff...amazing. https://www.shopbiscoff.com/lotus-biscoff-crunchy-cookie-butter-1-jar
  8. Tron

    Dude...nice ribs...but ffs put a new battery in your smoke detector.
  9. We need to schedule a day/time to try and get as many people as possible to play a tournament. Maybe @Ruggerxi could pick a date/time and send out a PM invite to everyone on this leader board?? @luckyriverIs it possible to have more than 10 people play at one time? (i.e. multiple tables??) Also, given the balances people have, the buy-in needs to be more than $10k IMO.
  10. Is there any way to only allow the emp mine to trigger once and then go away. I just had an instance where I went by a mine and it went off 3 separate times. People are dropping these all over the place ..I believe in some cases just to be a pain in the ass because they know this is a flaw. If you are unlucky, you can spend a in inordinate amount of time with a washed out emp screen. I mean a claymore can only blow up one time...why should emp mine get to fire off so many times?
  11. The problem I see with the emp mines is that they hang around long after players who placed them are dead, they go off multiple times in game, and they also spontaneously explode when you go by them at some point. Doesn't seem like an emp mine should be able to have double duty function as an emp and a betty/claymore.
  12. Working for me fine in FIrefox right off the bat. Don't understand why there would be bots at the table and they are sitting out. Also would be nice if once a hand gets down to only bots, the speed with which the hand completes could be increased. Also....FU @Crack
  13. Hey @Ruggerxi..just noticed something, but not sure if it's something you can fix or not. When you have the rocket pistol equipped as your sidearm and end up in last stand...you do not have the rocket pistol as your gun..it gives you some other semi-auto pistol.



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