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    I am an equities trader. I take profits for a living. AKA an "Evil short seller"

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  1. Tron

    What have you done??? @FUNky a Mod??? JK...Well deserved. Peace out
  2. Tron

    Thanks GG for all that you have done. Angus, you are a lucky man. Peace out.
  3. Tron

    @Timmah! Maybe you actually should have done that bud....but my $TSLA put contracts just paid me handsomely today....and I'm not even done liquidating my position. Holding some for lower. Thanks to this : I just closed out my best week of trading ever:
  4. Tron

    Yeah man...it's the only game I play when I have time and the mood strikes me. Every time I've tried to start playing a new game, it never lasts more than a week...so I just stopped trying new games lol. You should fire it back up sometime.
  5. Tron

    I was wondering if you were still alive. Happy B-day dude.
  6. Tron

    Wishing you a speedy recovery bud.
  7. Get a Benelli SuperNova Tactical if you want a pump for home defense....although personally I have a Benelli M4....it's a bit more spendy though and it's a gas operated semi-auto.
  8. Tron

    @Timmah! Probably not a good idea given the high borrow costs for such an expensive stock....but knock yourself out bud.
  9. Tron

    @iboomboom For the most part I am a momentum day trader, so at the end of almost every trading day I am usually 100% cash. I also am a short seller of shit / fraudulent companies that are likely to go bankrupt, so right now the only position I have on that I am holding is a short position in MDXG that I have had on since February, and will likely hold until they file BK...which the way things are looking should be very soon. I also own a "shit ton" of MDXG Sept 21 $2.50 put contracts that I bought ultra cheap. I am also strongly considering buying some TSLA put options next week because Elon Musk has lost his shit on social media, they can't make any profits and they are burning through cash like a bonfire at Coachella. Disclaimer: Please note that this is not investment advice and I am not a paid financial advisor...I only trade my own account. Do not place any trades based on what I just said without doing your own due diligence. Peace out
  10. Tron

    @Sammy Sorry bro.... 43" 4K monitor wall mounted...2 x 28" monitors also wall mounted...and my laptop sitting on a stand as a backup computer for when I am trading.
  11. I like to do this...and I don't care if you think I am a coward. I just think it's funny as hell, and I only play this game anymore for laughs...so the next time I use spawn protection to shove my knife up your ass, I will laugh even harder than I usually do.
  12. @ANGU5 You might enjoy this article. https://amp.foodandwine.com/cocktails-spirits/25-most-important-bourbons-ever-made?source=dam&__twitter_impression=true
  13. Tron

    Sure...here is the only tip I'll ever offer to anyone that asks: Make sure you do your own research, and never trust a "hot tip" from anyone.....EVER. But in all seriousness...I am a momentum trader, so for me, all that matters is volume and liquidity. I will trade anything, either long or short (sometimes I will trade the same stock long in the morning and then short in the afternoon), if it meets the requirements of the system and risk management parameters I use.
  14. Tron

    I wear whatever I want. This is where I work: This is where I play video games: