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  1. In my original post 15 days ago, I made a good faith effort to convey the gravity of the situation in front of us in order to try and help motivate people to make preparations for what was coming. In many of the replies to that post, people have been dismissive and in several cases, exhibited an attitude that I would describe as dangerous to the rest of society. It’s entirely possible that some of those people have acted in a way, over the last 15 days, that may ultimately lead to others getting infected and dying. This will be my last post on the subject. I actually hope I turn out to be fantastically wrong about how this pandemic ultimately plays out.
  2. I realize many of you are too fucking lazy to actually read anything that may educate you...but here’s another attempt. Read the link in this tweet. For you lazy motherfuckers, you can look at the pretty picture above. The straight red line across the bottom of the graph represents our peak ICU bed capacity per 100k people If we surge it to it’s highest potential. We are behind the curve in implementing these mitigation strategies, and they won’t work as well because too many people out there are assholes that don’t GAF. If you are saying to yourself “yeah but it’s only got a mortality rate of like 2%”, that number is 20x the regular flu and also presupposes everyone who needs an ICU bed gets one. If they get full, mortality rate spikes to 10% or higher and we have an outcome similar to or worse than the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918. This has become a numbers game of exponential growth. It also means that if the hospital is full of Wuhan Virus patients, there’s no room for any of the usual heart attacks, appendicitis, etc. So then more people start to die from other ailments that they normally wouldn’t die from. See how that works? Additionally, as healthcare workers become infected, and thus must go into isolation, we further decrease our maximum sustainable patient load due to staff shortages...possibly resulting in a death spiral of the healthcare system. It is quite likely we missed our window of opportunity to maximally bend the curve immediately. The Chinese Communist Party is now kicking American journalists out of their country...probably to make it easier to cover up the resurgence of cases they are likely to have now that they are making their people go back to work in their factories. I am expecting even more draconian measures than we have already to be implemented in the near future here in America. Buckle up. Here is a little story about the Spanish Flu you may want to also read. https://www.history.com/news/spanish-flu-second-wave-resurgence Also, if you think that what’s happening now is causing economic hardship which is outweighed by the deaths that would occur if we did nothing.....you have no fucking clue about economics.
  3. So much one dimensional thinking in this thread. Sad. https://whythisway.org/wiki/One-Dimensional_Thinking
  4. I think America's attitude to Coronavirus....after China's economy had completely shut down and Italy's healthcare system completely imploded....will go down as one of the greatest examples of "cognitive dissonance" in world history.
  5. This recommendation to buy stocks two days ago isn't going to age very well. I'm up almost $24k this week shorting S&P Futures...I'm also up another $16k in the account I trade options in. All put options. Best week ever. I'm also well prepared for the shit storm our country is about to experience with this pandemic, which he has also tried to minimize as fake news. I'd have to say in summary...do not listen to Sixgun.
  6. @ANGU5 It's just in my sheepdog nature to try and help some sheep. Hope you and the wifey stay safe.
  7. Italy situation is really dire - Total cases +25%: 5883➡️7375 - Death toll +57%: 233➡️366 Biggest single day jump on death toll (+133) Crude fatality rate now ~5% This is what happens when your healthcare system gets overwhelmed
  8. @Icequeen Vitamin C is not going to prevent you from getting infected....avoidance of contact with infected people is. Containment is no longer possible. Our only hope to minimize the death toll from Covid-19 in this country is to promote behavior that minimizes contagion and flattens out the infection curve to help spread out the number of people that need hospitalization over a greater time span. If this doesn’t happen, the spike in cases requiring hospitalization will overwhelm our system and create a cascade effect that increases the case fatality rate. Any other interpretation of the available data is simply being in denial, or due to a lack of understanding. I don’t generally hope I am wrong about anything...but this is an exception. I pray that I am wrong about how this will ultimately play out.
  9. Also this from the American Hospital Association:
  10. I would encourage everyone to read through this Twitter feed. She basically summarizes every concern that I have in a thoughtful and concise manner based on actual data.
  11. You really have a thing for these celebrity doctors huh? Did you read the Wall St. Journal article I posted earlier detailing how the actual doctors on the front lines in China were fairing? Since you seem to think this is all just a big hoax, maybe you should book a cruise to Asia right now. I hear there are some awesome deals available.
  12. Here is another article everyone should read, which gives first hand accounts from the medical professionals working in Wuhan China. https://www.wsj.com/articles/if-we-fail-what-happens-to-you-all-one-doctors-life-on-the-coronavirus-front-lines-11583344415 For the record @Sixgun Wuhan is sometimes called "the Chicago of China" and is one of the most affluent and modern cities in China, including 300+ research institutes and investments from 230 of the Fortune 500 firms.
  13. Lol...okay buddy, I'm sure your world travels have made you so much wiser than the academics at Australian National University are. My guess is that you didn't even bother to read the paper. Here is the link again if you are interested in opening your mind to possibly learning something. Sorry, but it's a little more work than reading something written by Dr, Oz https://anu.prezly.com/coronavirus-is-highly-uncertain-and-the-costs-could-be-high?asset_type=attachment&asset_id=171409#attachment-171409ttachment-171409
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