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  1. Beavis3682

    Wow I'm late to this party. Sup man
  2. Pre ordering my copy tomoorow
  3. Beavis3682

    Happy birthday old man
  4. Beavis3682

    Thanks everyone. If I game might as well game with chums.
  5. Beavis3682

    Well after a long long time away figured I miss gaming with some chums. So I downloaded PubG and lets give this a whirl.
  6. Beavis3682

    you dont have any bus code readouts
  7. Beavis3682

    Sorry peeps I know I have been around much lately and I have really dropped the ball so to speak. With the new state and a new job being the supervisor over an brand new apartment highrise in west Seattle I have been swamped. The new job is going great. Drive coming down from the mountains into the city isn't too bad (about an hr). Working on trying to get a system established on well everything haha. The little time I do have off the wife either wants to go on a hike, snowshoe, or ski, or just about anything to explore the mountains that we live in. Its sad really that this beast of a machine has been only turned on 3 or 4 times in the last few months and if so maybe to write something. oh yea I did game one day for about two hours lol. Well talk to yall later. Wife wants to go get some breakfast.
  8. Beavis3682

    I lived in Colorado for 3 years lol. And everyone keeps telling me here its more rain than snow. They all say the snow isnt much maybe snow one day then gone the next
  9. Beavis3682

    Not sure. I'm currently looking for a new career. Something that has benefits and maybe 401k. I have lots of construction experience. Been supervisor of warehouse and shipping places. Lots of oil field. (left that though cause want a more stable career) I don't know I can get more in detail if you want let me know. I would much appreciate it lost
  10. Beavis3682

    So after a 3,000 mile journey we have arrived at our new home in North Bend Washington. It was a brutal trip carrying that 18,000lb rv through deserts and over mountains with my 7.3L diesel F250. But we made it and am so glad to be in our new place. Its right in the middle of the mountains and I couldn't be happier. Now I just need a job lol. This is where we live now with my dog. Gotta love waking up and seeing Elk in the field even though they aren't in this . Once picture
  11. Beavis3682

    ya the rv has a brake system and the truck does also. the truck just doesnt have the controller to adjust the brakes. and trans cooler? i know of them but not much about them. and never misunderstand. I always think of other before myself
  12. Beavis3682

    ya my browser favorite doesnt want to work. just says its redirecting and on webpage area says real small press to continue while flashing. but just hangs up there and nothing happens
  13. Beavis3682

    Lmao my sister in law is the one of the head PR people for Boeing. She actually handled the 787 project and helped shoot this video. And my wife's brother (who is married to the PR sister in law) is one of the engineers for Boeing and helped design this plane. I said the same thing to him about the take off and maneuverability. He explained me in engineer technical mumbo jumbo about this plane. Video the plane is doing a 50-60 degree vertical and turns and banks like crazy. He said it is actually capable (when empty) to do a vertical takeoff at 80 degree straight up to just over 5,000 ft before having to reduced to about a 40 degree. I'm actually trying to get on in Everett
  14. Beavis3682


    Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. Just trying to take care of alot of shit these days. But I will be back when I get a chance. Just thought yall might like to know.
  15. Beavis3682

    hoenstly I threw my back out and havent been able to see what trans i have. dont want to change out trans fluid too much since it has 165k miles and dont know for sure if it ever was. leaf spring is a good idea was thinking also of getting air bags. as far as the brakes thing i for now have the hook up for the trailer brakes but dont have the electronic delay and not sure if i want to spend the money on that