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  1. have a great birthday
  2. happy Birthday have a great day
  3. Happy Birthday have a great Day
  4. Ive changed all my keys being a lefty not had a problem but that's just me and it is still alpha so like you say hope they fix it, had a few game issues but nothing major yet. had my arm stretched out at one point covering my gun was funny killing people with my arm lmao. joining servers is a bit iffy could do with a squad of xi peeps working together would be good.
  5. Happy Birthday have a fantastic day
  6. Happy Birthday have a great day
  7. Have a fantastic day happy birthday
  8. Happy birthday have a great day
  9. Happy Birthday have a great day
  10. I also have pre-ordered yes I said pre-ordered and been playing the alpha for a couple of hrs ITS NOT BF1 of corse its full of glitches and issues at the moment but it's alpha right so we see how much better it is by the beta stage. my only gripe so far is the revive anim it takes ages lmao, looks very pretty as always.
  11. My brother in law has graciously rented 2 ark servers these are only small 20 players PVE servers but if you would like to play on them then please pm me for details Thank You.