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  1. WSMFreak

    Welcome Sarsar hope you have a great stay 😀
  2. Ark Summer Bash 2020 is now active on are servers so go get some freaky clothes and have a beach party water fight 😜 https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/346110/view/2522527900756794059
  3. Still aways to go to catch my nearly 7000 hrs lol and still learning lol
  4. oo yehi forgot about that one, its a nice map to 😛
  5. All servers are back up sorry for the delay
  6. All servers apart from Crystal Isle are back up and running but we still have issues with crystal isle it will be back as soon as we can.
  7. we are having a mod issue with the servers they will be back asap sorry for the downtime.
  8. WSMFreak

    Ay up lad welcome aboard 😜
  9. we only need Scorched earth and Aberration 😜
  10. Yes there sure is IP: and its all set up and running just transfer as normal 🙂
  11. I am happy to announce that we now have a new Extinction server to add to are growing collection which takes are total to 6 Servers running various maps, Its modded with the same mods as the other servers and transferable via a drop or obelisk so don`t wait around transfer and join the madness of Extinction. If you encounter any problems please Give one of us a shout and we will have a look into it. A BIG SHOUT to one of are players Rago for helping to make this happen. Thank you The Ark Admin Team
  12. WSMFreak

    Welcome to the only idiots youl ever need Including your self you idiot 😛
  13. WSMFreak

    Welcome welcome welcome
  14. WSMFreak

    Welcome to the mad house 🙂
  15. WSMFreak

    Welcome back you Idiot 😛



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