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  1. Happy birthday have a great one
  2. oo mood swings LMFAO
  3. Happy Birthday have a great day
  4. Welcome hope you have a great time with us idiots :-)
  5. Have a great one Happy Birthday
  6. Welcome to the madhouse hope you enjoy your stay :-)
  7. no idea how to ping lmao really don't have much time at the moment as running 2 Ark survival evolved servers and playing BF1 but im sure i could go stomping on zombies at some point :-)
  8. not played L4D2 for ages bloody good game though
  9. Have jumped on the giving up wagon my self 2 weeks ago, been smoking for around 30 years both cigarettes and Weed but am trying to knock them both on the head two weeks in ive had no weed but am puffing on a e-cig at the moment not sure if i want to give up the weed but i was smoking far to much to the point of being a veg most of the time so needed to give it a break at least personally i think the e-cig is just keeping my habit in my mind and i think i would be better off without it but for now I'm using it.
  10. Have a great day Happy Birthday
  11. Happy Birthday hope its a great one
  12. Have a great day Happy Birthday
  13. Happy Birthday :-) have a great day