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  1. Even more of a breakdown of the gamplay trailer some interesting finds
  2. Gameplay footage will be at EA PLAY i beleive
  3. Yes i think so, Well at the moment at least.
  4. Enlisted is a new ww2 First person shooter in beta stage at the moment but ITS FREE TO PLAY Made by the same peeps as war thunder, I have been playing it for 2 days and ive got to say ive been pleasantly surprised by the game play, obviously its beta bit clunky here and there but it actually feels almost like a battlefield title, the gfx are good and sounds are amazing GIVE IT A WIRL ITS FREE YOU NEVER KNOW. added some vids for you to watch if ya want ta. Sign up and get the game here. https://enlisted.net/en If you do feel free to add me as a friend in game Name: Woo
  5. WSMFreak

    Bunch off ass wipes mine came from sonofabitch and it would seem some have been sent out from my account also so its now all locked down. IF YOU GET ANY MESSAGES FROM ME ON STEAM WITH LINKS IN DONT CLICK THEM, ITS NOT ME LESS IM SPEAKING TO YOU AT THE TIME.
  6. WSMFreak

    Heh this game is scary funny i likes it
  7. WSMFreak

    Welcome to the House of Xtremeidiots Its just like this writing Totaly idiotic
  8. WSMFreak

    Happy new year back at you all
  9. 8 months of blood,sweat,tears and some laughter but its finally finished What do all you bike lovers ride post a pic lets see ya Iron. 1 of those and 1 of those and a few other bits gets you one of these babys



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