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  1. 8 months of blood,sweat,tears and some laughter but its finally finished 😜 What do all you bike lovers ride post a pic lets see ya Iron. 1 of those and 1 of those and a few other bits gets you one of these babys 😋
  2. WSMFreak

    Welcome to the Idiot House ?
  3. WSMFreak

    Heyo n welcome you Idiot ?
  4. Automaticly by me yeh LMFAO? Read ya steam messages SgT.Chris
  5. Sweet about bloody time they added it to there list lol.
  6. Still not getting found at the moment and i cant get any info via steam either so i assume its something to do with the hosts as they were the ones that changed the ip, i will keep trying and will post soon as it is reged.
  7. The server is not being found on gametracker for some reason i will have another go shortly
  8. i will have to do it, il pop there now
  9. Valguero is back but on a different ip so you will need to fav it again im afraid. it is there via the obelisk to join and is working fine. New Ip
  10. Im sorry to say something is wrong with Valguero and it is down right now, i will be investigating the issue now sorry for any delay.



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