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  1. I used to play this a few years back with y'all but do not remember if I need an external client in order to join your servers
  2. HowChunks

    Is there a shop for xi clothing??
  3. HowChunks

    Looking for people to play with in warframe, if you play hit me up
  4. HowChunks

    Beautiful dog, im sorry to hear you had to put him down
  5. HowChunks

    I dont know how many people in this community are mmo people but, if you plan on getting this game id like to play with ya
  6. HowChunks

    Who all is gonna be playing this, cause I would love to get a good group of people to to races and whatever else with.
  7. Who knows what the minimum/recommended sys req for this game, need to know if I gotta upgrade
  8. HowChunks

    The release date also got pushed back
  9. HowChunks

    Every time I listen to this I wanna watch Smokey and the Bandit
  10. HowChunks

    I am part of the MN National Gaurd working in IT and for my civilian job I work at a lumber yard
  11. HowChunks

    I wish you could find something like this today for that price, that would be so much fun
  12. HowChunks

    Walmart is the biggest rip off on anything car related, damn
  13. HowChunks

    Ive been listening to a lot of Jerry Reed lately
  14. HowChunks

    Looking for people to play forza with, if you have it either on steam, the xbox store or your xbox add me
  15. HowChunks

    This is my car, a 1962 Ford Falcon 2 door with a chevy small block (406ci) with a turbo 350 trans. The pic of it with the gold flames is the most recent picture.
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