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  1. HowChunks

    Looking for people to play forza with, if you have it either on steam, the xbox store or your xbox add me
  2. HowChunks

    This is my car, a 1962 Ford Falcon 2 door with a chevy small block (406ci) with a turbo 350 trans. The pic of it with the gold flames is the most recent picture.
  3. Activision ID: Blizzard ID:
  4. HowChunks

    From some of the forums and videos ive seen, people are speculating that windows 11 will be released sometime this fall or for sure by the end of the year
  5. HowChunks

    My ign is HowChunks but y'all can call me Howie, im just a 24 year old gamer thats trying to pursue a career in the military. I play a lot of different fps games mainly including cod, battlefield and counter strike but will always give other games a try if i have others to play with!! I've been gaming with some of y'all for a few years now and feel like I should finally join the clan
  6. HowChunks

    Ill be down to play for sure!!
  7. https://www.facebook.com/howchunks/videos/1698567816844604/
  8. Hello, My name is HowChunks or Howie, I've been playing with you guys for maybe a year now (mainly call of duty) and playing on your servers and just recently thought about joining the clan. If anyone is up to play some cod or whatever just hit me up



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