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    trucks, plant, beer, boobs and butts i'm a fairly stereotypical man really

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  1. SgT.Chris

    Thanks all for the birthday messages and I already do in this heat hahah
  2. SgT.Chris

    This is For MtDew A.K.A LickAlotOfPussy feel free to vote
  3. SgT.Chris

    happy birthday josh you nob lol loves ya really 😜
  4. right as of the last update i've been working on getting the auctioneer mod working correctly i can now confirm it is 100% global meaning any server with the mod installed on it wether controlled by our cluster or someone elses now can trade to this server we also have to preview mod installed for dinosaurs meaning you can see what you want to buy before you buy it with this mod you can trade almost anything in the game for either resources or dinos so you can trade dinos materials building resources weapons ammo walls ceilings foundations eggs again this is global and it has it's own anti cheat system so if exploited will ban the player from the mod (not the server don't worry) how ever the ban is permanent with no appeal as i don't control this list i'd have to make an appeal on your behalf if you do get banned this is normally from continually buyying high price items or dinos or swapping between servers to raise the bids on items or dinos or constantly using it as a way to transfer items dinos etc. as it detects your guid which is unique to the player we are planning on rolling this out on all the xi servers
  5. SgT.Chris

    once they yellow you'll never get them clear again lol it's uv and heat damage to the plastics ahaha
  6. SgT.Chris

    crystal isle's back online from what i can tell no items lost from stacking and everything took have fun we've added a few things for asthetic purposes e.g. new building items such as saddles structures even gardening the market place should also be global now if it's to everyone's liking it'll probably end up being rolled out on all the servers
  7. SgT.Chris

    DOG just cause
  8. SgT.Chris

  9. SgT.Chris

    The crystal isles server will be down for maintence and mod updates on Saturday at 8pm London gisbon time
  10. SgT.Chris

    been in ark quite a bit lately from what i can see on stats
  11. SgT.Chris

    welcome back!!
  12. SgT.Chris

    hmmm... must be the same doc i had for my exam too went in for a cold came out with a helmet on my head and a gun in my hand 🤣
  13. SgT.Chris

    if you changed your name to that i think the new guys and girls would be shocked when they actually meet you lol
  14. SgT.Chris

    i'm assuming it's a swift tailor?
  15. SgT.Chris

    i mean i could give a hand way back when the openwarfare mod was in it's peak i did a few lines for it not in my hay day now for coding anyways but i could look into some basic things like random weather on a map every time it loads so fog rain sun night snow etc. as well as the film effects to go with but like i said not my hay day no more haha as for zombies it's not in the realm of impossibility to add them to dm ftag tdm etc just takes a bit of time and work people should always remember all games have a human touch in them and can be twisted and moulded to suit 🙃



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