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    trucks, plant, beer, boobs and butts i'm a fairly stereotypical man really

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  1. i mean i restore alls sorts trucks cars bikes and mopeds i've chopped a few too but heres my two latest projects one which is only a 50cc 2 smoke yamaha salient from 1984 which as of saturday passed it's test and is back on the road for the first time in 6 years and the other i'm umming and arring about chopping it or just restoring it all which is a v reg honda deuaville v twin i'll have a look and see if i can find any others i've done cause other than the kia i drive now pretty much everything i've ever owned and driven / rode i've done major repairs to before being road worthy ooohhh found a few of my old bobber which was scrap when i bought it and cruiser which again abosolutly knackered one's a 125 the other was a 125 bored to a 250 head based on the old honda cg engine bobber had a slam box fitted all down to go up a gear i'd love to have them back but the both got wiped out by other drivers and bent the frames
  2. spooky scary skeletons are now active on all ark servers feel free to stop on by and have a go spook tobers fear evolved is online for a limited time tame skeleton or ghost dinos such as rex's quetzeals and others also chibi pets are back have a tiny zombie rex as a pet or just make a regualr tiny chibi as a pet have fun enjoy !!!
  3. SgT.Chris

    Welcome ng4 to idiot Park! Du Du duu Du duu
  4. SgT.Chris

    sorry to hear i wish his family and friends the best in these trying times
  5. fuck man i can't compete with that
  6. SgT.Chris

  7. about £50-£70 on fleabay and i pay that much normaly for a r9 2-3 series amd card
  8. well no one else got it must be too young to know hahaha
  9. SgT.Chris

    That's exactly the way we work except people have to prove themselves to me where as the boss man gives them the benifit of the doubt @RobMc If health and safety and pr saw the way I do things some days they die of shock haha
  10. SgT.Chris

    i'm still like that in most ways in my eyes everyone a asshole till they prove they aren't, opposite to my boss who thinks everyones good till they aren't guess who doesn't get buggered out the two
  11. SgT.Chris

    ? I think she's slowly breaking you don't fall for it run RUN WHILE YOU CAN ROB!!!!
  12. SgT.Chris

    hahah i still have a set of sheffields in my shed gotta be about 20 years old now still sharp ebay used ones much better



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