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  1. SgT.Chris

    hey man i don't doubt it i was good a llllooooooonnnnnggg time ago but that was because i played through the series start to finish and played on a alot of tactical servers and cod2 multiplayer was tough not as tough as united offenses but still hard i will admit that
  2. SgT.Chris

    i have a disc around somewhere but i haven't played it in years would be interesting to go back to it though
  3. SgT.Chris

    In my personal perspective there have always been violent people in the world the biggest problem we have now days is there's more people in the world where I live it used to be a quite small town in 20 years it's tripled in size you get fights stabbings robberies and raids on the regular and some of the parents round these parts ain't as strict as mine or my moms for example again just my perspective / opinion
  4. SgT.Chris

    Happy birthday don't party too much
  5. Hey man I just enjoy @RobMc and @AyaqGuyaq going back n forth does make me chuckle
  6. SgT.Chris

    Welcome back man and welcome to the forums
  7. SgT.Chris

    Fu too road love ya really
  8. SgT.Chris

    i managed to get two but one's a tga file shot0004.tga
  9. SgT.Chris

    as daft as it might sound try plugging a headphone or something into the mic / speaker jack that used to solve my old problems
  10. SgT.Chris

    What's the symptoms bud?
  11. SgT.Chris

    i don't think it's that we just have sally to toughen us up
  12. SgT.Chris

    Mine didn't either
  13. SgT.Chris

    Ah T-Rat's brother from another mother hey man hope to kill you some more on ftag 1
  14. SgT.Chris

    You forgot SGTSmeg
  15. SgT.Chris

    Cheers man
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