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  1. SgT.Chris

    nah same here on a few posts but still the fu is better
  2. SgT.Chris

    Sad to hear he will be missed Rip Johnny
  3. SgT.Chris

    i'll check it out tomorrow got the missus around at the minute
  4. SgT.Chris

    i did try to help but it seems he's timing out before logging into it
  5. SgT.Chris

    I'd mail you some parts if you were in the UK but nice to have you back
  6. SgT.Chris

    @loaderXI ???
  7. SgT.Chris

    on windows 7 in the control panel click the button that says view by categories set it to icons large or small click sound and then click the recording tab if you have stereo mix on there or anything else other than the mic right click on it and disable it if your in 8 or 10 type control panel into the search bar on the start menu might work test it and let me know
  8. SgT.Chris

    did you flip them like headphone cable into mic jack and mic into headphone?
  9. set of fluffy pink dices for the rear view mirror?
  10. SgT.Chris

    is it usb or jacks? if it's jacks try swaping them round if it's usb try finding some drivers for it my turtle beach headset did the same when i first got it
  11. SgT.Chris

    glad to hear it went alright bud!
  12. SgT.Chris

    ah the only mord i haven't met yet, i wish to make a full house so good luck
  13. so that's combined operations package https://store.steampowered.com/sub/4639/
  14. The anniversary edition is the cheapest way to do it on steam I think it's 30-35 over here in the land of the pound
  15. SgT.Chris

    I don't think cat noticed @Sitting-Duc
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