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  1. The LFD2 Last Stand Update has been released today; https://micky.com.au/left-4-dead-2-the-last-stand-update-goes-live-today/
  2. Posted this in case anyone is having problems; https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/500000-activision-accounts-could-have-been-hackedalthough-the-company-denies-it.html
  3. Tw33tle_Dee

    Right click on the game .exe/properties/compatibility tab/check “Disable Full Screen Optimizations”. See if that helps.
  4. Tw33tle_Dee

    More than likely the APN settings got set to default, the new sim card should restore those or you can try to restore yourself; https://apn.gishan.net/en/apn/straight-talk/motorola-moto-g7-play#apnset-0
  5. Tw33tle_Dee

    The type of video memory does not have to match your type of system memory, obviously the faster the better and the more bandwidth the better.
  6. Tw33tle_Dee

    https://www.guidingtech.com/fix-windows-10-stuck-shutting-down-screen/, try steps 4 & 5
  7. Tw33tle_Dee

    The g602 Gaming Mouse is not compatible with the Logitech G Hub software and is not on the supported devices list. The older software works; https://support.logi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024700594--Downloads-G602-Wireless-Gaming-Mouse. If you must use the G Hub software, the only things you can do as a work around are, run G Hub program as admin and disable and re-enable G Hub in device manager after every reboot.
  8. Tw33tle_Dee

    If I can do it you can do it, I think I was the last person in the US to leave XP. I'm not saying I like W10 but I tolerate it now.
  9. Tw33tle_Dee

    Looks like your all set to install the new Windows Spyware.
  10. Tw33tle_Dee

    Run command prompt as admin, type in chkdsk or chkdsk ? \r for auto repair and hit enter. There are free 3rd party programs available too. If your hard drive checks out, I'd say your good to go for the W10 install.
  11. Tw33tle_Dee

    "BAD_POOL_HEADER" error messages usually means your PC is having memory management issues. This can be caused by driver issues, a failing hard drive, failing RAM or hardware failures. If it is from driver issues the W10 install should fix it. You might want to check your hard drive for errors and video card before the install. For video card, use one of the programs I posted earlier in the post to "stress test" your card. For W10 users, this program is a must, for me anyway; https://www.oo-software.com/en/shutup10
  12. Tw33tle_Dee

    Just remember, picking " clean install" when installing drivers does not clean out driver leftovers. It only clears the control panel settings and does not save those settings. For a complete 100% clean when having problems DDU has been the best for me and lots of others; https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  13. Tw33tle_Dee

    Logitech mx518, 10 years old still going and going and going.................
  14. Tw33tle_Dee

    "nvlddmkm.sys" ; time to check your video card for overheating, high overclock or failing. https://www.raymond.cc/blog/having-problems-with-video-card-stress-test-its-memory/
  15. Tw33tle_Dee

    If it happens again I would let memtest run overnight.
  16. Tw33tle_Dee

    In Device Manager you want to look under "Universal Serial Bus controllers" and not system devices.
  17. Tw33tle_Dee

  18. Tw33tle_Dee

    The Mod folder that is separate from your profile contains the Mod itself. The Mod folder that's in your profile folder contains your Rank, weapons, inventory and settings for the Mod. If you want to delete the Mod and redownload, do not delete the one in your profile and you won't lose the settings for that Mod.
  19. Tw33tle_Dee

    If your games are crashing after a Windows update, try disabling "Full screen optimizations". They are slowly updating this in stages so as not to cause problems but we are talking about Microsoft here and as usual they are screwing it up. Make sure your drivers are up to date, then right click on game .exe/properties/compatibility and check "disable full screen optimizations"
  20. Tw33tle_Dee

    Mod folder might not be under "virtual store" depending on what your user account control settings are set at. With my user account control settings, my folder is at " user name/AppData/Local/Activision/CoDWaW/mods"
  21. Tw33tle_Dee

    Excellent advice!
  22. Tw33tle_Dee

  23. Tw33tle_Dee

    https://www.all-ett.com/ Wallet company in California that starting making masks.
  24. Tw33tle_Dee

    Good info, have used those short cuts in the past after a graphics driver install
  25. Tw33tle_Dee

    Microsoft has been slowly rolling out updates to the Windows Desktop Manager for full screen optimizations. Thy wanted to do it gradually to avoid any performance issues. More than likely a recent Windows update probably made a change to the WDM that did not work well with your driver. Because of these gradual updates it is important to keep your graphics drivers updated. Glad you got it fixed.



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