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  1. Tw33tle_Dee

    You can use another computer or a friends and copy the cd to a usb drive and install from that.
  2. Go to your Profile folder and make sure there were no $$$ accounts created. Open your "active" folder in your profile folder and make sure it displays your correct name and not $$$. If all is good, you can try this. Has worked for many: https://www.thetechgame.com/Archives/t=5597043/cod-waw-online-profile-issue-solved.html
  3. Did you allow CoDWaWMP.exe through your firewall? Are you using the original cd key from which your profile was created? (Insert key in game menu in single player).Try running the .exe as admin from your Steam /common folder.
  4. Tw33tle_Dee

    Have you looked in event viewer for any errors? Do you have a different headset to try just to rule that out?
  5. Tw33tle_Dee

    New feature, can now manage Samsung portable ssd.
  6. Tw33tle_Dee

    After disabling Windows Hello, no longer have these problems. I've fixed a lot of problems with sfc/scannnow, thanks for the post.
  7. Tw33tle_Dee

    If your using MSI Afterburner or EVGA Precision, try down clocking the card and see if that helps. Also check video memory for errors, https://www.raymond.cc/blog/having-problems-with-video-card-stress-test-its-memory/
  8. Tw33tle_Dee

    I've used DDU in the past, great program and has helped lots of people. I'm now using NvCleanstall. Program will automatically install the latest driver only downloading the parts that you pick to install, deletes all old files before install and automatically blocks Windows update from installing a driver. Works great and has caused no problems to date. https://www.wagnardsoft.com/ https://www.techpowerup.com/nvcleanstall/
  9. The Windows 10 November 2021 update is available to download today, updated and so far no problems; https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  10. As a general rule, Toyota usually takes at least three years before they get all the bugs worked out of a new generation. The newest generation of Rav4 started in 2019 and was also a mess when it was released.
  11. 2022 Tundras will have the new twin turbo V-6. Toyota claims more hp, torque and better fuel mileage than the V8’s. Design seems to be towards more power and better cooling. Not sure I’d want to be a 1st adopter though. The new engine in the Tacoma was a mess when it was 1st released.
  12. Tw33tle_Dee

    For those who have not used DHC drivers before, starting with the newest driver-496.13 and above- there will be no more standard drivers. You can use NVCleanstall to install, installing only what you want; https://www.techpowerup.com/nvcleanstall/ 496.13 drivers and above will now let you set Shader Cache Size- disc space allowed for storing shader cache files, could fix some stuttering in games depending what games you play. If this is set to unlimited and you have allot of games installed, when you uninstall games useless cache files will be left over taking up disc space. Pretty sure Driver Default setting is 256mb ,
  13. Tw33tle_Dee

    Those of you with AMD cpu’s may want to hold off on installing W11 till later; https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/windows-11-is-up-to-15-percent-slower-with-amd-cpusfixes-coming-in-october.html
  14. Tw33tle_Dee

    Found the old w10 install under "Settings/System/Storage/Temporary Files/Previous Windows Installations", This was not seen in Disk Cleanup as in W10 If these files are left alone, they will automatically deleted in 10 days.
  15. Tw33tle_Dee

    You can use the other option for the media creation tool to make installation media and install fresh, will have to reinstall apps though.
  16. Tw33tle_Dee

    Are all drives GPT partition? Secure boot will not work with MBR partitions. Bios must be UEFI also.
  17. Tw33tle_Dee

    Was really surprised how easy it was. In Windows 10 my drivers would all be changed to Microsoft outdated ones and there would also be about 25gig of used space for "Windows Old" which is not present after the Windows install with the Installation Assistant. Just have to get used to the UI changes. My Pc's that do not meet W11 requirements show a warning in Windows Update saying "what" is not supported. Do not see any way to revert back to W10, not sure if this is the case when updating through Windows Update. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows11?ranMID=24542&ranEAID=nOD/rLJHOac&ranSiteID=nOD_rLJHOac-OYyBaKcrpFcaXS2mkpBY3w&epi=nOD_rLJHOac-OYyBaKcrpFcaXS2mkpBY3w&irgwc=1&irclickid=_3wexct0ae0kf6zdjaotq3lnicm2xrcjqi129pcec00 After looking around a bit it appears if you go to Settings/System/Recovery/Go Back, you can revert back to Windows 10
  18. Tw33tle_Dee

    Just installed Windows 11 on my laptops with the Windows 11 Installation Assistant. Not liking the new start menu, seems to take longer to get where you want to go. Was a pretty painless install though, kept everything I had installed- apps and drivers.
  19. Tw33tle_Dee

  20. Tw33tle_Dee

    All my pc’s meet the requirements for secure boot and TPM. Processors are the problem. Anything below 8 series won’t get updates on W11. Through testing MS also confirmed that unsupported cpu’s had 40% more kernel crashes than supported ones.
  21. Tw33tle_Dee

    Hard to find a good shop anymore. Last time I got new tires the tech broke 2 studs off. Was too close to quitting time, was told to return the next day in the morning. On the way home 6 more studs broke off. Decided to fix myself, did not want them touching my truck anymore. Returned the next day and told them what happened, said that they were embarrassed. Refunded money for parts and labor and got mounting, balancing and rotations for life, means nothing because I won’t be returning. There are lots of shortages from the pandemic, except for morons.
  22. I've heard others complaining of the same thing with CoD games.
  23. Unsupported pc’s can install W11 with a warning; https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/microsoft-will-install-windows-11-on-older-pcsbut-with-a-warning.html
  24. Tw33tle_Dee

    Same here, still on Haswell; I7 4770k asus z97-a motherboard 16gb corsair ddr3 gtx 960 2gb corsair TX-750 psu Samsung 950 pro 512gb, 950 Evo 256gb Asus 27 inch 144 Hz monitor
  25. PC’s with unsupported cpu’s will not be able to upgrade, have to install manually from iso. Will not receive Windows updates or driver updates. Microsoft has said (from testing) that unsupported pc’s had 42% more kernel crashes than supported ones. Could change again, who knows. https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/windows-11-wont-update-after-installation-with-unsupported-cpus.html https://www.guru3d.com/news-story/windows-11-may-be-installed-on-a-variety-of-older-cpus.html
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