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  1. ausimatador

    Johnny Dos!! .. ,I always loved it that cool name ....Rip my friend..my respects to his family...
  2. Good Question...There's a wall at the end ,,on the other side is the beginning..
  3. ausimatador

    for a parquet of 20 Cig AU$37..for a parquet of 30 AU$45 I* stopped Cig 26 years ago..I have starting smoking one per day since my wife passed away..Im very scared to get back in full ..the habit will cost me about AU$ 320 per week and more...Government wants to eradicate Cigarettes so tax them without any disregard for anyone...Ci garrets are not showed on any Shop they are hidden from the public..
  4. ausimatador

    Tennessee...Wowwwww That name always sound very American to me., I love America...I remember very well the date and time I fell in love with all the Americans...I was in the cinema with my Little Brother ..it was the 22 of November 1963 at 3:30 pm our time..and they announced in the middle of the movie which was turned off...That President John Kennedy has just been assassinated...We South Americans are by nature very sentimental..and me being 15 years old got caught up with the cries of the people in the cinema.it was something that I will never forget.. You are welcome mate
  5. ausimatador

    Hi I can not get into the server I get this download and it will stay there not moving..please help
  6. ausimatador

    Hi I can not get into the server I get this download and it will stay there not moving..please help
  7. ausimatador

    Happy Birthday Giggles
  8. ausimatador

    Happy Birthday Girl..all the very best
  9. ausimatador

    Aussie English...!!!?
  10. ausimatador

    Hi JohnnyDos!!!
  11. ausimatador

    Ill be there..From Australia
  12. ausimatador

    All the very best
  13. ausimatador

    I will try my best to be there ..with my Australian Time...doing a good Job AthenA
  14. ausimatador

    Hi Spuck I just got to know about this sad news ...how many evenings we enjoyed US male company... especially you...RIP..
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