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  1. Yeahh...we are only a new have lived it all for many might be right after all....
  2. Im from Downunder..and you might not like my comments...well..Thats is just BULLSHIT all that defence all scalate to that..defence..attack..bad people..bad area..defence again...NO GUNS MATE..JUST NO GUNS...
  3. Happy Birthday mate..all the very best
  4. Gesssusss..Im not playing against you with that...
  5. are an idiot now..
  6. are an idiot now..
  7. are an idiot now..
  8. Please to everyone...DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS put about 30 GB of data..took ages...then the whole thing is pix elated... Freeze my PC....stay away from it...
  9. yeahh..Im just downloading it
  10. Gessssuuussss ..About time...!!! I saw you and played with you many times..and I always was wondering...why he doesn't join us...??? ..maybe is not an Idiot I thought to myself....but you did look and behave like an I was Right...!!! you most welcome Roadkill...
  11. Your Name...Looks write like an Idiot and you look like and most welcome...!!
  12. Try This..go to sound Control..Recording Tab and enable Stereo Mix...see what happen if it doesn't work ..go back and put things as they were...cheers mate
  13. Woooww tghat looks Cool and Expensive....
  14. all the best from downunder
  15. Yes..all the very Best BUDMAN