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  1. ausimatador

    I will try my best to be there ..with my Australian Time...doing a good Job AthenA
  2. ausimatador

    Hi Spuck I just got to know about this sad news ...how many evenings we enjoyed US male company... especially you...RIP..
  3. ausimatador

    😀 Hi Kenmen..the most and best Idiots we have.. actually come from the Netherlands..so you are most welcome...
  4. ausimatador

    Gesssssusss WTF..???
  5. ausimatador

    Happy Birthday My Friend from Downunder
  6. ausimatador

    Gesssuussss another German....!!!...if our Gorgeous Athena said that she played with you a couple of times and was very nice.. you must be one of those lucky ones.... You welcome
  7. ausimatador

    chao Kitty
  8. ausimatador

    Yeap..Happy Birthday Angel 59
  9. ausimatador

    Brimmy..?? what sort of name is that...?? never mind...Youll be an idiot anyway...welcome...
  10. ausimatador

    Yeahh Happy Birthday mate
  11. ausimatador

  12. ausimatador

    If you want a good Spanish you should ask to Unchileno hes the best
  13. ausimatador

    thank ...you alright
  14. ausimatador

    I dont know about this joke..but maybe because Im from Australia...You guys might look at things different..But no way I will address my grandson with words like that even if it was a joke..sound more like pedophilias talk...sorry I maybe totally wrong but never in my entire life I heard those words saying to a kid...Fuck.cunt..hassoo yes..but not asking if his dick can touch me....
  15. ausimatador