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  1. Great Job Angelz
  2. have a good one
  3. have a good one
  4. What game is that...Scary map..??
  5. Gesssssuusss This is Ridicoulous...!!!!
  6. Thanks Angelz I Got in touch with the seller and I told him my concerns..he reply "Relax..I have several copies..Ill be posted in couple days."..that's I wrote him back that CD that I was hoping been the Original 14 years old and $26.... is a copy..?? so what can I said..just wait... Cheers..
  7. din't know...I found out later when you told me to go into Steam account..I had it I just have to hope that this seller doesn't want to ruin his feedback
  8. Well my Friend ..Im really worry now...look at the pictures ..I suppose to receive the COD disk from Ebay seller today or tomorrow See Pict 1 as you see also in Picture been sell Like new..but the delivery dates have changed.. In picture 2 you can see some of the serial number of my future disk... I went to check on ebay what is the progress of the CD..and look what I have See Picture 3...Same disk ..This time for $30 and is not Like New. See Picture 4 ,,which is the second picture showing same serial number...?? So.....should I worry..??? for 20 years never Had problems with Ebay...any bets..???
  9. Thanks YACCster..Ill have to wait for the Ebay CD..this is Bullshit...I should have known about Steam..but I never got used I was too complicate for are a top Man YACCster even with your Finger up... I did try again and skip files...when skip files goes all the way trough to 95% (takes about an Hour) then tell you the files on this CD are read only... Thanks to all for your help..I just have to wait for the CD to arrive..actually I never got used to Steam..dont like like Facebook that I dont use it...I like use HDML is simple...
  10. Thanks Angelz ..nice to know...
  11. Yes I did try..what a fcken mess..!!! but has YACCster said.. .the Disk look like new afterwards..but din't work..I shouldn't have done it... That disk has been my best friend for 14 years...and I put it trough hell with that tooth paste...I have the feeling that is My PC playing up...
  12. Welcome back...
  13. didn't work either...same as downloading to the hard stopped at 95% but right at the beginning I got this message see photo
  14. Yes Sonovabich...I did realize that when YACCster told me to go into Steam..that has been off on My PC...then I saw that can be bought for $19.90...what a bummer..!!
  15. I'll have go to that Daniel while Im waiting ..for YACCster with some do on the steam,,,,Thanks mate