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  1. Hi Pengy, i was wondering where to find the new game everyone is talking about, cant seem to find it in my game list.

    1. WldPenguin


      Hey, Wishbone.....I just sent you the info in the new chat messenger

  2. Hope you had a good Birthday, i still owe you some defrosts🎂

  3. wishbone

    hope all is well
  4. I liked the holiday map rotation, some of them I hadn't played for awhile. Keep up the good work, we DO appreciate it!!!
  5. So sorry to hear, Dadda leaves a huge spot that can never be filled
  6. wishbone

    Venison Joke. A father decides to make dinner for his kids, he cooks them venison (deer meat). They really liked it, and wondered what it was, so he told them to guess......................they guessed for a few minutes but nobody was able to get it, so the father gave them a hint, he said, its what your mother calls me sometimes. One of the little girls screamed.........OMG, SPIT IT OUT................ITS DICK!!!!!!!!!



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