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  1. Welcome my friend, we have played together for quite awhile, good to see you enter the brother (sister) hood
  2. Hey ya hammer.......I never been to your profile....thought i would........always nice playing with you:clapping:

  3. Merry Christmas to you all also, be safe
  4. Not much to tell

  5. Merry Christmas to everyone, looking forward to another year with all you guys, it I'll be great just like all the others
  6. Hey Boom, I'm very sorry for your loss, I lost my Dad last yr. I know exactly what you mean about missing them everyday, feeling the emptiness that is left there with out them. We are losing a GREAT resource in our old people, they were great ,very kind, and very smart people. The great thing is , we have the memories of them that no one can take from us. I to think of my Dad everyday, its hard to believe there gone cuz they have ALWAYS been there with us and for us. My thoughts are with you my friend!!
  7. Hahahaha, thats nice, and VERY true
  8. My hopes and Prayers are with you Buddy!
  9. Wow, GREAT collection, I know for a fact that, when you love guns, you just gota have them. I just picked up a new .17 WSM and .7 HMR, OMG, I have never had so much fun shooting a gun, they are VERY accurate for a rim fire
  10. Welcome back Buddy!!