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    You Idiot! Welcome!
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    Creepy only scratches the surface @ANGU5 🤣
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    Welcome Sway, enjoy playing with you! Sorry I have no cats. My dog wouldn't appreciate that.
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    Agreed. I came in and tried to play a few rounds. But Phantom flat out spanked my ass....it was beyond not being fun. lol I am getting slow in my old age.
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    Welcome to the funny farm Hudson!
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    Thank you GG for your time as admin. Hopefully this will give you a little more time to play with the gang. Thanks for posting this Angus!
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    Happy Birthday Dadda!
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    Happy Birthday Hoth!
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    Happy Birthday Pete!
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    Very nice, I have the original mavic pro. I love it!
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  15. Freezing my ass off at Conowingo Dam on Friday morning while photographing Bald Eagles. The trip was a bust, it was even too cold for the birds! Equipment is: Canon 5D Mark IV with Canon EF 500 f/4L USM IS and 1.4x Mark III teleconverter mounted on Wimberley WH-200.