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  1. SGTSmeg

    Yea I thought moving up to a 1GB FIOS connection it was going to have me scoring like @Sharpe and @Remmy.....but alas I just suck
  2. SGTSmeg

    That sounds legit!!
  3. SGTSmeg

    IPA? Nah....I'm a stout guy
  4. SGTSmeg

    Didn't @EastCoast50 arrest you for stalking girls in a park in a trench coat?
  5. You've seen the U.S. Assistant Health Secretary, right?
  6. SGTSmeg

    HAHA Actually we did. Ball Joint needs replacing.
  7. SGTSmeg

    Today was one for the books. Son stayed with the wife and I overnight for a visit. He is a mechanic. Asked him to take my wife's car for a drive with me to check out a noise. We get in the car and drive about 1/2 mile. We stop short of a 4-way stop as there is a black rat snake in the street. I like snakes and didn't want to kill the stupid thing. Fucker crawls up underneath the car. We can't see it. We both jump out to see where the hell it is. We look under the damn truck just to see it crawl up inside the engine / transmission compartment. FUCK....what do we do now. I know, my son says....lets find some speed bumps. Good idea I said. None to be found. Popped the truck up on the curb...crawl under the truck. Can't find that damn snake anywhere. We said fuck it...let's ride. Drive the mile back to the house and that bastard comes out from under the hood onto the windshield right in front of me. Funny as hell. Long story short I ended up getting ahold of it's tail and had a tug-o-war to get that thing out of the truck. That thing pissed and pooped all over my arm trying not to lose the battle. I threw it across the driveway and it's PISSED! It strikes at me and my son repeatedly until we get a coat hanger and get it into the flowerbed. My wife can now sleep easy tonight knowing she will not get eaten by a harmless black rat snake...LOL
  8. SGTSmeg

    Yes it does!
  9. SGTSmeg

    Have had them all....DUKE'S for the win!
  10. SGTSmeg

    It sure is @WeednFeed, our plan is to retire on (or as close to) the water as we can....
  11. SGTSmeg

    Finally got out on the boat for the weekend with Mrs. Smeg and the two mutts. Been a bad year for boating for us. Busy with work, busy with the fire department, busy with grandkids or the weather hasn't cooperated. Hoping things will allow us to spend a bit more time in September and October. Anyway a few photos from our weekend. P.S. I did fish but nothing was biting (except the black flies)...
  12. SGTSmeg

    I would still suck even if I used hacks. So I just play on and enjoy the witty banter while waiting to get thawed.
  13. SGTSmeg

    It was great catching up with you on the zoom call last night @Espo!
  14. Quick read for those that were talking about EV's and Tesla's last night https://wsvn.com/news/california-crews-use-over-4000-gallons-of-water-to-put-out-tesla-fire/#:~:text=California%20crews%20use%20over%204%2C000%20gallons%20of%20water%20to%20put%20out%20Tesla%20fire,-By%207%20News&text=(WSVN)%20%2D%20Firefighters%20in%20California,a%20wrecking%20yard%20for%20dismantling.
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