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  1. SGTSmeg

    Wife and I are hanging out in the Outer Banks for the week. Decided to get out and play with fire and photography. I'll be back in a few days just to harass @Angus
  2. Making my mouth water @WeednFeed! Looks fantastic!
  3. SGTSmeg

    @JoeCamel it's always a pleasure playing in-game with you and the rest of the XI family. Very well spoken, thanks for reminding us what a special place this is.
  4. SGTSmeg

    Welcome to the funny farm @NG4
  5. SGTSmeg

    Welcome Red, FTAG is all I play.....
  6. SGTSmeg

    Welcome @nos been a pleasure playing with you the past few evenings!
  7. I also have the Hero 7 black and it's a work horse and has so many built in capabilities. I use my son's Hero 7 silver as a backup but it is limited in what it can do. The stabilization in the Hero 7 Black is out of this world!
  8. Gorgeous shots @BoomSlang!
  9. These are super sharp! Very nice!
  10. For those of you that aren't friends with me on Facebook.... My son and his fiancé delivered me and my wife a beautiful grandson on Wednesday. This is all new to us, be we are really stoked! And yes, he has more hair than I do! ? His name is Tilian.
  11. SGTSmeg

    Very happy to hear this @Lunkster!
  12. SGTSmeg

    Can I have your trench coat if you're done with it?
  13. SGTSmeg

    Never been a smoker (of any kind)....grew up in a house with parents that were chain smokers growing up. Yuk! Neither smoke anymore (after several heart attacks) lol
  14. SGTSmeg

    Agree 100%. Guys that mix their 'quality' bourbon need to turn in their man cards. ?
  15. SGTSmeg

    Neat! Just picked up some small batch 12 year 100 proof. Love it!



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