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  1. SGTSmeg

    My son got me a Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless PC Gaming Headset for my birthday. They are hands down the best headset I have ever had.
  2. SGTSmeg

    I wear my mask when playing just so I don't risk getting of your 'splatter' on me
  3. Bosch is a great series. Highly recommended.
  4. I'm with you @spinpuppy
  5. SGTSmeg

    Right on!
  6. SGTSmeg

    Looks great!
  7. SGTSmeg

    Welcome Rwinn!
  8. SGTSmeg

    Free delivery to VA?
  9. SGTSmeg

    Didn't offend me in the least, I have been saying this from the start. What's a demtard? lol Is it a really bad virus? Absolutely. Are people getting very sick? Absolutely. Are people dying? Absolutely. I defer to your advise. If you are sick or worried about catching the virus, then stay home. Lock your doors, close your blinds and stay away from people. Let the rest of us live. I previously posted about my good friend and fellow volunteer paramedic at my fire house. He contracted covid treating a patient on a call. He ended up in the hospital for 28 days and things were not looking good for him. Good news for Sam, he beat the covid. He is on the mend and itching to get back to work. https://www.fox5dc.com/video/683630
  10. SGTSmeg

    Welcome to the funny farm!
  11. SGTSmeg

    Well wishes coming her way @wildthing....praying for a speedy recovery
  12. SGTSmeg

    So happy to hear your sister is doing better, @wildthing Prayers that your sister-in-law starts improving and kicks covids ass.
  13. SGTSmeg

    Very sorry to hear this @Wildthing, thoughts and prayers for her speedy recovery.
  14. SGTSmeg

    Couldn't agree with you more. We are all 'at will' employees of business that must survive. If they don't survive then we all end up on government assistance. That is complete bullshit. If your company opens back up, you have two choices.....go back to work or quit. If you decide to go back to work, then take personal responsibility for yourself. If you choose not to return to work, that's on you....not on the government. Wear facemasks, wear gloves, bath in hand sanitizer....hell whatever makes you feel safe, with the understanding is that you will NEVER be fully protected. You are vastly more at risk of dying in a car accident getting you back and forth from your job, than you are dying of covid. The main stream media sucks....plain and simple. They have zero credibility in my opinion.
  15. SGTSmeg

    What medical data? The data reported by the CDC that ONLY reports on the people that have been tested? That is the only data they can report on....period. Reports show the infection rates are 50 to 80 times HIGHER than the CDC is reporting. I am also going with my professional experience as an EMT and the fact that the hospitals in the US are NOT overwhelmed. Don't believe it. There are hot spots, obviously. However, in general they are not overwhelmed with patients, very few are admitted, less are in ICU and even less are on ventilators. I have spent plenty of time on 911 calls and at my local hospitals over the past few weeks, so please don't preach to me about that. I have seen it first hand in my area (near DC). I have fire-rescue friends that have been infected, one of which is in the hospital as we speak on a ventilator. It doesn't change my feeling about this. Bottom line IMHO. If you have underlying conditions (i.e. heart disease, diabetes, COPD) and fear for your safety....stay home with your doors locked and the curtains drawn. Totally understand that. However, everyone else's fear doesn't trump my constitutional rights. It shouldn't dictate whether my business folds permanently or I cannot work and provide for my family. It's BS in my opinion.



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