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  1. SGTSmeg

    Wish I could. Bad week / weekend for me.
  2. SGTSmeg

    Fantastic! TYFYS!
  3. Haha Readers Digest is as good of a source as CNN or MSNBC My parents used to read that rag when I was a kid. Oh and do not trust @RobMc. He hides in the park wearing a trench coat.
  4. SGTSmeg

    Neat @Majbasil l we probably ran into one another at some point. Don't know how long it's been since you lived here, but it has changed so much. Drive down Waxpool road through data center alley....it's nuts... P.S. I wish I didn't live here anymore either
  5. SGTSmeg

    Where did you live in VA? I am in Sterling near Dulles airport. I work in Rockville MD.....for now. Hopefully that will be changing soon.
  6. Wife and I and a few friends made our annual trek by boat up the Potomac River to Washington DC for this years fireworks display. It will never be as epic as last years show, but this years fireworks show was really good. Please excuse my crazy wife and her friends screaming in the background Grand Finale: https://zenfolio.page.link/Nnsgv https://zenfolio.page.link/yGMs3 P.S. These were all taken with my Samsung S20 phone.
  7. Very sorry to hear this. @Corpse2 was a great guy and I really enjoyed gaming with him. RIP
  8. SGTSmeg

    Geez Dman, heal quick brother! You could at least share a pic of the carnage in XI style! Hope to see you on the server soon!
  9. SGTSmeg

    Good lord, they'll let anyone in this place. Oh hey, welcome to the funny farm @HELLSPAWN!
  10. That's awesome @Raven. Catching anything is fun. Do yourself a favor some time and head to the Florida Keys for some fly fishing for Tarpon or Bonefish. Good times!
  11. SGTSmeg

    That's a good point, he may have been exposed in that two week window when gaining his immunity and we know that covid takes up to 14 days to show symptoms. The good news is he is out of the hospital, covid negative and is back to work.
  12. SGTSmeg

    Whoa now. I was not attacking you, I was merely commenting on my perspective of things. I have HAD my vaccine.....but I also respect peoples decision not to.
  13. SGTSmeg

    Really? I find it just the opposite. I find that people that are getting the vaccine feel like they have to tell the world about it and paste it all over social media....all the while shaming those who choose not to.



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