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  1. SGTScott

    As I told you, they look good on you.
  2. SGTScott

    this sounds like Sally Admin would do.
  3. SGTScott

    We had a great time Kayak, first time for me, so taken off Bucket list. Hey, when are you going to come back to freezetag? we miss you, gotta have someone to pick on.
  4. We went to Grayton Beach, Florida. Surge seems spends a lot of time down here. We finally got on a boat at a ridiculous time of 7am. at least for us Retirees. Then we proceeded to have a good time catching a bunch of fish on the Gulf. In the last picture, of us standing with the fish, CW4 is on the Left, Surge is in the Middle and SGT Scott is the fat boy on the right
  5. SGTScott

    Happy 21st plus Change Birthday, Sally, be there many more.
  6. SGTScott

    I did 22 years in the US Army. I was an Army Air Traffic Controller, 1970-1993, did Korea, Germany, Ft Bliss, TX and finally Ft. Rucker, AL. that is where I ended up retiring.
  7. SGTScott

    Okay, guys, unfortunately, I will not be going to Canada when I end up coming up that way. certain reasons are keeping me out. So, I have Two rooms at the Quality In on Ferry Street that will be coming available by the 10th. not sure how they do that, but, just letting you know. sorry that i won't be there, but hopefully will be able to go to the next one. y'all have fun up there.
  8. SGTScott

    Rest in Peace , Johnny.
  9. SGTScott

    Can't be me, Kayak, I have a better looking beard and a lot shorter (or less) hair. I don't know, but maybe he looks fatter. But, I am definitely Handsomer than that, LOL.
  10. SGTScott

    Rest in Peace, AH, spent a lot of time with you on Freeze tag 1. Make sure they have it ready for use when we all get there.
  11. SGTScott

    Okay, Thanks Chris. thought might be the case. but had to ask.
  12. SGTScott

    Got a question about changing to Canadian Dollars. How much should we start off with and are there places in the city that change money? also, will they honor Credit/Debit cards for our US banks.
  13. SGTScott

    Kayak, I always told you. and I know that it has been a while since you got your ass into the game. the term is "Sumbitch" Someday you might get it right, you dang Alaskan Icicle, LOL
  14. SGTScott

    Okay, I wasn't planning on it, but talked to Lynn spalding, Ramistar's wife and decided that why not. so I am booked at the Quality in starting the 14 and leaving sometime on the 17th of September. Now I have to get a passport. Dang
  15. this is the one when they finally got the majority to gether in on place. now you see all the Idiots