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  1. EarlGrey

    Impressive garden Weed.
  2. EarlGrey

    Absolutely the most crushing drum solo ever.
  3. EarlGrey

    That face people make when Sabre joins the game...
  4. EarlGrey

    I deleted all of the map files and rejoined this evening. Only saw that error popping up on "mp_lake" - could be others.
  5. EarlGrey

    My wife suggested I sell my car which has been paid off for over 8 years. Trying to get some inspiration to setup an ad for my beater of a Santa Fe on Auto Trader and remembered this gem of advertising. May be worth the funny just to spend the $30 and replicate this bit of genius.
  6. EarlGrey

    Congrats man you earned it.
  7. EarlGrey

    Damn nice collections. Listening to mostly jazz records last few days. Today is Stan Getz.
  8. EarlGrey

    Well, no thanks to the Fart House map in the recent rotation, the old Bud Light "Real American Heroes" & "Real Men of Genius" commercials magically showed up on my Youtube recommendations (Thanks Big Brother...?). Fortunately, or unfortunately listening to these. Good times.
  9. EarlGrey

    Thanks Brim I'm just glad I don't have to look at Bob and Hoth and take their pictures... they wanted some nude ones but I'm not into that sort of thing ;o
  10. EarlGrey

    lmao thanks guys Bob - I'm outside of Cincy close to Kings Island... real close, still waiting for them to build that coaster that picks me up right outside my door. Hoth is closer to Dayton area though Little - That first part is true! The second part - man, I mastered that years ago!
  11. EarlGrey

    Thanks ladies and gents... and Hoth Hoth - People who know you from CoD2 know your name is "Hoth-N-a-Thong" - don't make me share that story! Queen - hope your old man is feeling better. Stop exciting him so much already ;o
  12. EarlGrey

    Boom I wanted to say good job on the maps. I don't care much for the SimpleCity one personally but its put together pretty decent. I think knocking out a few of the buildings and reducing the size of that one would increase the fun factor on it. Maybe adding a few attic-to-attic or rooftop-to-rooftop boards / paths for access. But shit, still better than what I would have put together. The HiddenValley one is pretty cool. I'll have to see it a few more times and try some other methods of attack on it, but that one is certainly a G3 user's wet dream. Good job dude.
  13. This was a posting on craigslist that made its way around my work before it was flagged and removed lol... I did remove the guy's phone number which was at the bottom of the post for privacy reasons... although someone should hire him into their marketing department!
  14. Queen - all good no harm no foul. Cobra I hear ya. Coming into a map and getting destroyed in that wide open spawn when trying the mod out for the first time - yeah I just tossed out how gay that was lol.. Its just an adjustment. I stuck around (until kicked) to improve on it, because I can rip some people up once I get the timing down, that's all That's a good heads up on the mod auto booting non-XI members on the updated version.
  15. Hey all. Valkyrie here. I'm just posting to let my follow players know that QueenCobra is not your typical XI member I've come to know over the years of playing on the servers. The lack of sportsmanship and common courtesy she displayed yesterday was amazing. I'd never played on the Chicago freezetag server (with whatever mod that is). The first map I joined on was a Carentan variation where I got a nasty welcome to the different weapon setup and speed. Think I went for a stellar 1 and 14 for the two rounds with a couple assists. The next map was Aosta which if you know it well, you can either pick people off from the rooftaps or slug it out in the alleyways. I opted for the shotty and went on a few good runs. I have enough knowledge of the game to know common spots people might be and how to react in certain scenarios. Having said that and without writing a book, I was making a simple loop route on the middle building and tunnel and knifed QueenCobra I want to say two or three times during the match. The first time was a sign she couldn't handle it when I got a "Whatever" or "W/E". When I responded with "Whatever nothing". I got the almighty "F U". It was after either the second or third knifing (where she was in the same damn location, squatting around the tunnel) I received a kick from the server. 1.) If you run into me and get handed a knife a couple times, you should have learned that I might come at you again in the same manner. 2.) I know she isn't an admin, she obviously she went to whoever was the admin(s) in the game at the time. Pretty sad that I get the boot without warning or discussion for handing down a freeze with some authority to someone couldn't handle the fact that another player had just a bit quicker reflexes. Anyway, if [you] want to drive people away from the servers, just continue to boot the good players - especially ones who donate funds from time to time. End rant. Have a good day.



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