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  1. Crazyhorse

    I am going to take off the XI tags again. I am going to another clan and out of respect I'm giving a heads up. I joined this clan originally in 2007 and it was alot different then ( and ALOT smaller).... most of my friends ( from those days ) are gone now. I am grateful that I was allowed to rejoin, and by no means leaving for anything done here...I guess people change and I'm people. I will always have a spot in my heart for this clan and hopefully will still be allowed to play in the servers once in a while....To those who are still here from the old days Thank You for letting me be a part of this clan... to everyone CHEERS!!!
  2. Crazyhorse

    Happy Birthday girl!!
  3. Crazyhorse

  4. Crazyhorse

    Happy Birthday Ted! Long time...
  5. Crazyhorse

    Have no idea how I could've missed your birthday brother, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Timmah!
  6. Crazyhorse

    TYVM....nobody remembered but you....lol
  7. Crazyhorse

    Happy Birthday!! ?
  8. Crazyhorse

    Welcome idiot!!
  9. Crazyhorse

    Welcome to XI
  10. Crazyhorse

    Welcome to XI!
  11. Crazyhorse

    Welcome to the XI family!
  12. Crazyhorse

    Welcome idiot!!
  13. Crazyhorse

    Welcome !
  14. Crazyhorse

    Happy Birthday!!
  15. Crazyhorse

    Happy Birthday!! ?
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