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  1. chomama

    Ok, I sent out invites to some of you that I could find on Steam. I should be Chomama. What a fun and absolutely frustrating game. I really suck at it.
  2. chomama

    sorry for your loss boomboom.
  3. I'm out of town oct 4th - oct 9th, so not sure i can play past first round, but maybe I can be an alternate.
  4. I say we draw teams from a bag, and we all get random different names, so you think you're getting the pleasure of playing with Roxy, but really you end up having to play with me! good thing is i'll do a bad Roxy impersonation.
  5. chomama

    Very sad new. Rest in peace.
  6. chomama

    So sorry for your loss. I hope he has found peace. I enjoyed many many hours playing with him, and probably cursed his name many times for freezing me. Even though it was a silly video game, we occasionally shared some serious conversations, and I could tell he was a good honest man, that cared about his family. He will be missed.
  7. Have a great B-day there my friend........and hope you have many more

    1. chomama


      Thanks buddy!

  8. chomama

    Start off slow. I know people will tell you CBD oils and the actual weed will not make you high, but it does affect me in a similar way as regular weed. I don't know if I'm an anomily or something, but the oil has a lesser effect on me, and the smoking kind still makes me feel high.
  9. I was on the map when reaper got kicked. I think you mistook reaper for being on the 3rd floor. he was on the opposite side of the map and someone said reaper was on the 3rd floor. I think it was just a mix up, cause i had him in my view when he got kicked. It would be nice to post known glitch areas, as they're always being argued in game, because we do get different ruling by different admins (not their fault, I think they're not sure, and I wouldn't expect them all to know)
  10. @@iboomboom just a reminder when you get a chance. I needs my freezetag fix!
  11. found the keycode in my game, do you have the files? Thanks again boomboom.
  12. Oh hook me up with the install files. I'll see if I can dig up the key code. Thanks!
  13. I had an old Mac version that was pre steam which doesn't look to be usable for steam pc version.
  14. Thanks gator. I assume I can just use chomama>xi< and it recognizes me as a clan member on the new system/game? I don't know how that magic works
  15. Hey all, Just bought a new gaming PC and most everything works. I'm a complete dummy when it comes to windows. Can I just buy COD4 on steam and will that work with any Punkbusters I need to install? Is there any easy link to the Punkbusters I need for windows? Thanks all, can't wait to try this out with full settings, I splurged and bought a 800x600 crt monitor, so you're all in trouble.
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