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  1. Striker

    ps i could be thinking of another server, but worth a check
  2. Striker

    cant get on server this morning, but was thinking these issues with server started when you redused the number of slots on server a couple of months back because someone complained that there was lag on server when it was full, hope this helps
  3. would it be possible to have have spawn protection that makes you drop your weapon if you shoot someone that has just spawned in to game ? ive seen this on other servers and seems to work, also seen that if you hop your weapon goes away. i like a little hop but faster connections and faster computers means that i hop after the event lol
  4. yeah good point that your team can play a hole map and shoot loads of people and loose the map on 2 late freeezes
  5. Striker

    3pm uk time correct ?
  6. Striker

    hello legi, welcome to the forums
  7. Striker

    yeah im there
  8. Striker

    im in cod5 please
  9. Striker

    great news toes
  10. could you count me in on the dm v ft tourny please ? i couldnt find the original post to reply

  11. Striker

    thanks for your reply rugger, i shall check that out when it is up and running
  12. Striker

    well i was impressed with the response i have got to my query on the matter, so its allowed and the crittercism shouldnt really be but hey ho, each to thier own



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