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    playing darts, drinking beer, watching music videos, watching stock cars

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  1. Striker

    thanks for your reply rugger, i shall check that out when it is up and running
  2. Striker

    well i was impressed with the response i have got to my query on the matter, so its allowed and the crittercism shouldnt really be but hey ho, each to thier own
  3. Striker

  4. Striker

    so today i got told off for bunny hopping by a member and it wasnt in best taste, is it allowed on freeze tag server or am i wrong ? it wasnt anything personall but now i feel that i have upset this person,
  5. Striker

    hi im sstriker aka ian im applying to become an xi member i come from hertfordshire, england i work at a specialist care home for elderly, spend most of my time on xi servers when im not working, also love playing darts and drinking. pets = fish tank, quite boring pets really
  6. Striker

    is it possible to have jeeps and tanks like used to have on cod uo ? that was some good laughs
  7. 1. NO 2. NO i think its pretty good as it is, certainly wouldnt want more freeze time
  8. ive not seen much of you on freezetag, it must be the time of day that i get on there

    1. AthenA


      Probably ! Because I haven't seen you on in a long time :) I mostly play late evenings, Eastern time.

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