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    playing darts, metal detecting, drinking beer, watching music videos, stock car racing, love keeping tropical fish

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  1. what about a shop that sells secondhand games, buy just for the disc, should be very cheap
  2. Striker

    i think maybe it gives you nades and c4 after a certain level
  3. Striker

    ah bless, get well soon cheyenne
  4. Striker

    athenas version seemed to make the most sense from what i can make out
  5. Striker

    sorry to hear of your loss elvis
  6. think hes just child like at drawing
  7. check out that program i mentioned ghost its called still game and its on a friday night at 10pm on bbc scotland which is on all the tv ie, virgin , sky , freeview. let me know what you think

    1. Ghostlupus


      Cheers @Striker, missed it. Is it on every Friday @10? 

    2. Striker


      yeah fridays at 10pm, set a record

  8. Striker

    welcome back
  9. Striker

    are you looking at buying it back from him beers ?
  10. Striker

    i asked my older brother about it, as i was very young in these days lol, it was a 454 cubic inch engine out of a corvette stingray
  11. Striker

    beers this is my uncle in his stockcar in the 1970s im pretty sure that ran a 350 chevy
  12. Striker

    exactly what i said shit hacker
  13. Striker

    bring essie if you have to lol only joke
  14. Striker

    bio might not be allowed because he has smelly socks
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