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  1. GER__Phantom

    Hello everybody, First of all, I would like to make it clear that this should not be a criticism of our admins. I know that you do a good job and it is certainly not always easy for you to make the right decision. Now to my concern. This man has repeatedly made mistakes in the past for which he was banned. As far as I understand, this was several years ago. Now, in my opinion, he has credibly explained that what happened I'm really sorry and is due to drinking too much alcohol. If this man cheated, I would say no mercy. But he "only annoyed the other players" (which is bad enough). I think a c
  2. GER__Phantom

    Welcome to the> XI <family! And if someone tells you in the future that you are an idiot, it is not an insult but an honor
  3. GER__Phantom

  4. Then let's hope for the best. Thank you for your explanation.
  5. GER__Phantom

    Welcome to the> XI <forum. Herzlich willkommen, im Forum der Extremidioten.
  6. Thank you Merlin! But what's wrong with the servers? They keep crashing or I can't connect to them. Will this problem last any longer?
  7. GER__Phantom

    Welcome back Tom. See you in the game.
  8. GER__Phantom

    Welcome to the >XI< forum.
  9. GER__Phantom

    Sorry, here is the text in English. It's really unusual for humans to build a rocket that will take a rover to Mars to look for life there. This rover even has a helicopter drone that you can use to explore Mars. Just unbelievable.
  10. GER__Phantom

    Es ist wirklich ungewöhnlich für Menschen, eine Rakete zu bauen, die einen Rover zum Mars bringt, um dort nach Leben zu suchen. Dieser Rover hat sogar eine Hubschrauber-Drohne, mit der Sie den Mars erkunden können. Einfach unglaublich.
  11. GER__Phantom

    Hello Mek, nice to hear from you again. It's been a long time since we played together on the CoD5 server. I would be happy to play against you again. Greetings phantom
  12. GER__Phantom

    Happy Birthday!!
  13. GER__Phantom

    Happy Birthday. Have a nice day.
  14. GER__Phantom

    Happy Birthday
  15. GER__Phantom

    Cute dog. Well done Merlin.



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