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  2. Everette , Sorry to hear your clan has kicked you, but that's not on us. I would rather see these things discussed here on the forum rather than in game. It's our responsibility to the other players on the server to hash these things out if there is any question. As has already been said, most of the players here, including myself, have been defending you. Keep playing and posting here and you're likely to have a new clan to join.. ? RJS
  3. Just my $0.02... I would rather see a player just banned outright than to be accused of cheating openly every time he plays with no proof at all. Not a great way to build the community. And no, the fact that he can kick your ass is not proof!. RJS
  4. Rocket_Jay

    Guess this means it's Hammertime!! Welcome back.
  5. Rocket_Jay

    Welcome back to the fold of Idiots!
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    Welcome aboard!!
  7. Rocket_Jay

    Salute all! Rockape was kind enough to help with changing my name from just Rocket to Rocket_Jay. I'm a long time COD4 player, but when I started playing here in COD5, the name "Rocket" was not available. The name change was done so I could have the same name displayed here on the XI page, and in both COD4 and COD5. Thanks again for the assist Rockape! RJS
  8. Rocket_Jay

    A day late, but Happy Birthday Sabre! HBDTY, HBDTY, HBD Dear Sabre, HBDTY! RJS
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    God Speed USMale. We'll miss you friend. RJS
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    Han, it looks like the problem happened when you put the >XI< on your name. As you are not an XI member, this is not allowed.
  11. Rocket_Jay

    A fine addition! Welcome Sir! RJS
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    Welcome again Doc!
  13. Yes, this should be fun. You should be happy Streetcleaner, a COD4 Ace mod server where I won't hassle you about being "off the map" :-)