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    M!dg3t got a reaction from Chris in Gone again for the month   
    Safe travels! 
  2. Haha
    M!dg3t got a reaction from Unarmed in Please Welcome Unarmed Back To Our Clan   
    Welcome back and here’s an arm for you. 
  3. Thanks
    M!dg3t got a reaction from Chicon in Please Welcome Chicon To Our Clan   
    Congratulations Chicon! 
  4. Thanks
    M!dg3t got a reaction from Terkano in Please Welcome Terkano To Our Clan   
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    M!dg3t reacted to Dirk Diggler in 2024-03-25 Birthdays   
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    M!dg3t got a reaction from WeednFeed in Please welcome WeednFeed to the COD4 Admin Team   
  7. Haha
    M!dg3t got a reaction from Icequeen in It finally happened!   
    Thought you pulled them out! 🤣 
  8. Cares
    M!dg3t reacted to Janey in Janey's surgery   
    Hey Y'all.
    Just letting you know that I will be having back surgery the day after Christmas, (12/26/23). I'm pretty scared about it, but at this point I will do anything to relieve some of the pain.  I'll be at Riverside Hospital in Kankakee, IL. Hopefully, they won't keep me there too long.
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    M!dg3t reacted to BlackRose in Annoying white script   
    when it goes crazy the game will crash
  10. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to Timmah! in Annoying white script   
  11. Sad
    M!dg3t reacted to Totty in Annoying white script   
    It's a reporting function that @Sammy set up so that error staes are visible to us in game.
    look at it as a tool rather than a hinderance
  12. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to PickleRick in Annoying white script   
    "It's not a bug, it's a feature."
  13. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to Icequeen in Boobs!   
    Welp! Made you look. 
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    M!dg3t reacted to Ruggerxi in It's official Fry was robbed   
    Its Fry's hack he uses 
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    M!dg3t got a reaction from Kisses4You in Please Welcome Kisses4You To Our Clan   
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    M!dg3t got a reaction from NinjaBazZa in Please Welcome NinjaBazZa To Our Clan   
  17. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to rexbowan in What would you do?   
    Spanky looks like one of those irresponsible individuals Weed was talking about that every family has! lol
  18. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to Smeggie in What would you do?   
    And just as an update to this.  Screw everyone else they can fight over whatever is left when I'm gone.  I'm going on a spending spree!  LOL
  19. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to Power! in What would you do?   
    I would move to America
    and I bought a house close to the MV2 server so that I could have ping <5

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    M!dg3t reacted to Tron in What would you do?   
    Spend a few years sailing around the world in a fully crewed Nordhavn 120.
    I have a goal to do this, but if it ever happens, it will more likely be on a Nordhavn 60 shown below...and we will be spending winters in the Caribbean and summers in the San Juan Islands, with a Great Loop trip here and there....and without a crew.  
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    M!dg3t reacted to BlackRose in What would you do?   
    i would invest
  22. Haha
    M!dg3t reacted to Izumi in What would you do?   
    I'd finally have enough money to buy you the proper lifts for your shoes.
  23. I have read this post
    M!dg3t got a reaction from YACCster in What would you do?   
    What would you do today if you knew your investments were going to pay out 80 million in a years time? 

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    M!dg3t reacted to major-mark63 in What would you do?   
    same here 80 millions is too much for one average human, like weed said i would share it with family..
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    M!dg3t reacted to WeednFeed in What would you do?   
    If I knew your investments were going be 80 million in a years time I would let you adopt me!
    Now the real answer my real answer is I don’t need 80 million. I would keep 10 million, enough for my wife and I to create and a SECRET Charity in the community. We would use  non profit organizations to submit names of hard working individuals deserving of a hand up. There would be no discrimination just all peoples down on their luck needing help.
    I would keep 2 million for the wife and I. I would give my daughter and husband 2 million and invest 1 million each for our granddaughters.
    My wife and I have a large number of siblings with many nieces, nephews and their children.  Everyone would benefit from some form of monetary investment.
    We have a few irresponsible individuals who would have a locked in investment and would be expected to sign an agreement to accept a monthly benefit.
    This is a fantastic question @M!dg3t I’ve thought about this for years. I’ve told all my siblings this is what I’d do if I ever won a big lotto. Nobody really needs 80 million 
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