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  1. Welcome to chat rooms! Thanks for choosing this one. I have a LOT to talk about. What has more legs? A cow or no cow? Is this thing on?
  2. Bullet person

    My unsolicited contribution: This link to a "song" that specifically refers to the cactus as a phallus.:
  3. Bullet person

    I was taught you aim off to the side of people, even when you use a toy plastic gun, for safety and respect. Just theater though, but I would have thought.....whatever I thought. Assuming materials flew in all directions? 2 people got hit, so maybe no one was aimed at? Tragic.
  4. Bullet person

    HAHA Timmah! Well done! All 4 basic food groups represented! (Counting the peppers in the chez) "Healthful" A+++
  5. I like nachos and grape juice. Nachos is large amounts, but grape juice in smaller...unless cut with water. My opinion on the subject of intel vs AMD is that it is ok. I'd like to elaborate on that and mention that both have good offerings. What is your opinion Stayalive? ..and what games do you play?
  6. Bullet person

    Ah, don't worry you'll be fine. He didn't die from the vaccine. 84 is a good long life I suppose too. You can do better, I'm sure. : ) Pretty sure cancer is still the leading cause of death worldwide. I'd take vaccine for that if it comes out. Oh! and this damn head cold. I am not liking my allergic reactions to Georgia's ragweed. Holy moly shoot me vs. that. (edit: TIME OUT!! I meant with a needle!) Making your body more able to fight stuff isn't really that bad in my opinion. We can start building our immunities as kids by eating boogers too I think? I love life. Even more when I don't feel sick. RIP anyone we've lost. We can respect them by seeing this thing through and having fun.
  7. Bullet person

    Yes! I was hoping for more posts like deez!
  8. Bullet person

    Sorry if this was mentioned, but mandates in the US as I understand it have to be imposed if there are 100 or more employees. Of course, that's typically a bunch of people to be around. Those who don't want to get vaccinated under a mandate have the option to find a small business to work for that isn't doing mandates, but I think statistically speaking there is higher risk of catching and spreading COVID that way. This still possibly allows people to feel they are not having their rights taken away. Oh man are there a ton of small business out there that would hire anyone right now! So much money up for grabs at this time. The "LARGE" business owners seem to have lost the choice, so we could consider them to have "lost some rights", but OSHA imposes some sh-edit* standards sometimes that seems even more ridiculous than ensuring people are vaccinated....to me anyway. Kids are required to have certain shots before they can go to public school? The kennel won't let me keep my dogs there if they haven't had their shots. This has been going on for as long as I know. I tried to look at this from both sides, but have been unable to see the evil intent in requiring vaccinations in most cases. I sort of landed on "the powers that be" trying to keep the most people safe, which is weird, cause I do enjoy me a conspiracy theory. : ) I'll love you no matter what you choose to do though. I feel really bad for people who have a legitimate fear of needles. IceQueen mentioned, "Mama said life was like a box of chocolates." Maybe they could just put it in those. At least we'd the mandates would be to eat chocolate....sounds funner.
  9. Bullet person

    Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere, and a federal holiday in the United States, which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492. Says it is "a federal holiday". How come I don't get it off? I ordered a chicken and an egg online. I'll let you know.
  10. Bullet person

    Ye'ever open this page and click play on like 18 things at once? HypER! What, you've heard that one before? <edit> Thanks for the suggestion HC. Found this one after you mentioned.:
  11. Bullet person

    Still love you TheHammer. Just a friendly exchange I assume. Without different opinions stuff might get lame.
  12. Bullet person

    If the erf was flat, wouldn't we all have heated driveways at least 1/2 a year?
  13. Bullet person

    Fuck it, at this price, why not? -Timmah 2021
  14. Bullet person

    TheLastColdBeer bringing kegs! It ain't over yet! Sea Nymph is gonna prevail with TheLastColdBeer by her side! Sorry so loud. Been watching a lotta rasslin' on youtube. Open floor tiller rides have resale value too I assume
  15. Bullet person

    Cheers to Obie! The one and only! So cool you have so many awesome memories with a best friend. Thanks for sharing, You rock!
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