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  1. Bullet person

    Back on topic sry, there are some pretty stellar deals on tablets at Mercari.com I'm very new to the site, but as it was explained to me, it is kind of like ebay, without bidding I think, but the good part I liked when I heard is that the company does not pay the seller until you verify you are content (received and as advertised). As far as "which" tablet, sry I'm no help, but some of these prices could mean no regrets any way.
  2. Bullet person

    Says the Bo.oBies Forum Fan award winner.
  3. Bullet person

    Subject is Dammit Rob, so I clicked without knowing what I'd type, here goes: RobMc has issues right. It can't be easy batting off all the birds and trying to get a good nights rest. It would be super cool if folks could just allow the man to exist in his perfect body without inviting brain thoughts of awesome gin and other such tonics...but al....so <hic> I think I'm tipsy reading this thread. RobMc/J3st3r 2021!!!!
  4. Happy first b-day champion of the world! So 2 pics right, or 1 year(s)-old, but the expressions and perception perceived in them are rather more like...4 ...5?................ Not trying to make time fly, but you obviously have a child that has potential to outsmart the masses. Gratz and GOOD LUCK!
  5. Bullet person

    Please know I do NOT think that. You rock! Took me a few weeks to reply, because I wanted some smoke to clear. This original post was just me seeing if I could put my foot in the door and communicate. I understand how it must've come across now and hope that the true intention is revealed as it was originally intended. I'm a jackass. Hear me meow? In my lookings-arounds in these here forums, I haven't seen anyone say anything bad about you J3st3r and I have nothing bad to type. The XI code of conduct doesn't mention I can't kiss your ass, so message me if you would lik
  6. Bullet person

    I've learned to listen to multiple news sources. Without being able to see things from multiple sides, such as in this forum, I think I'd miss some important facts. I can use the Google search bar, but I'm not going to see some of the real life experiences that I read here. I appreciate some facts you put here Pete. Thank you. Without the initial post, cause and effect, I may never have known them.
  7. Bullet person

    Holy <edit*> You wnet* thru hell and back, witnessed hell, saw what hell was like, felt like hell, hell followed, hell....SW...Cra**. I feel guilty devouring every word you typed, due to how interesting and WOW it is. I only quoted the specific piece above, because it is a real eye opener. There's sometimes talk about Universal healthcare over here that i THOUGHT was a good idea, till your reality shows it to be a possible nightmare. We all over pay for health care here or you pay extra at tax time for not being able to prove you have paid for some. Unless your po
  8. Bullet person

    I suppose someday we'll know...for now...I love everyone!!! Hope you made the right choice! Whatever the heck it is : )
  9. Bullet person

    @ my factory we got (self-sic (to avoid Timmah! grandma police)tm*ah!) rules against masks with too long "lanyards"?...what do they call them...leashes?...? They get caught in a machine and you're pulled in. Makes sense, I don't use a "chainy-connector-thinger", but my point is I'm just not used to thinking that way even after a year+ I steam up a face shield more with a mask on. Just me? My breath comes more out the top, over my nose, in my eye ball vision areas. I'm not crying for real, just seems that way. I'm all for not getting other people sick and wear a mask around ot
  10. Bullet person

    That was May 4. Tell me yer still here!!!!!!
  11. Bullet person

    Damn you have a lot of points GhostfaceJim. You must kick a lot of names and take a lot of ass, as they say.
  12. Bullet person

    Trying to keep up....so RobMc is the epitome of antidisestablishmentarianism (biggest word I could look up), is not necessarily for or against illumi-naughty, but will work "hard" for your pleasure. If he converts to USA I'd type: RobMc for Prez!!!!
  13. Bullet person

    I've put worse things in me than the 2 shots of Pfizer. Diet Pepsi even. Irony for me is I never trusted the company before (Pfizer). I was also ignorant to the contents until the moment I signed the release form. I had assumed (without asking) that the vaccine carried a bit of COVID in it....shea, not right, I know....then. The nurse gave me advice: Move your arm. Drink lots of water/stay hydrated..one of the two. The advice didn't come without asking, but I was grateful for it. Had a sore arm for a day-point-five, but I don't think anything else bad will come. Sorta pis
  14. Bullet person

    I retreat! This wasn't supposed to be a 2nd ban appeal thread. I was just saying nice things about the server in the forums. I admit I thought if I made nice in here for awhile, you may eventually trust that I won't be a drunken fool on the server again, but I thought I'd start by admitting I like the rules first. I don't really know who I am typing to and not sure who was in the server when I was a clod. I was being a jackass when the ban(s) occurred. I tried to make other people laugh. I honestly don't remember the 2nd ban happening. That's no excuse it is an admission of failure to



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