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  1. Somebody deleted my response, but I know you can see it in your settings which is good enough for me.
  2. Honestly I was having a blast rocking two accounts; one with a static IP but fresh GUID that I'd hop on, rack up some kills using my very obvious setup/style until banned, return the digital copy, repurchase, rinse repeat. All while playing on my second account. Guess I was getting some weird satisfaction making them think they were actually doing anything rofl. It got boring fairly quickly however. Now I just covert play cycling a few of my old gaming buddies accounts including my own. The funniest and most enjoyable part is that I've heard the XI brass have been on the lookout as if I don't have like 30 different styles of play I can rock at any given time. Happy hunting ??
  3. I dig it! Will be fun when/if it becomes consistently populated.
  4. Dewalt

    A step in the right direction given the already very long spawn protection potential in my opinion.
  5. I would say hello in game but uhhh I can't really use voice chat anymore because reasons. =P
  6. Dewalt

    This appeal and its replies are in a public forum and can be seen by all. What server were you banned from?: COD 4 MW2 When did you get banned?: 5/12/2019 What was your in-game name?: Dewalt What is your game GUID (if known): Unknown Why do you think you were banned?: In the dark so far, logged on and was kicked/banned without any info.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aiGwrmMzhjc If you are like me and have experienced countless bunk engagements where your iron sight is pointing directly at an enemy and you fire multiple shots (usually against moving targets) without hitting them, often to have the enemy turn around and seemingly instantly cap you in the face, welcome to the club. This is an issue that is not only blatantly obvious, but seemingly only effecting this server. Literally every other cod4 server I've tried has lag compensation and hit detection that feels/plays superior by an order of magnitude. That includes the ACE mod server where I can blast someone with a handgun from a crazy distance while they are running 300 mph. What ever it is, something is absolutely decimating the way cod4 handles player v player intersections. I am still compiling 60+ gigs into a video demonstrating how off it truly is along with clips from other servers to compare and contrast. It just takes a long as time because I'm not an editing wiz. Still, go ahead and speak with the majority of players who also play other COD4 servers and games and they will tell you that they feel something is off. It is, unequivocally. On top of that, the time to kill being so low only exacerbates the problem. Nothing worse than spawning behind somebody and unloading DIRECTLY on them in a hit scan game only to not have it register properly, resulting in your death. The thing I find most odd is just how many people know there is an issue and yet everyone seems to accept that no one in a position of power will even acknowledge it. Either way, it seems to be mostly an issue with lag compensation with a little hit registration sprinkled in.
  8. Dewalt

    Fair point, it would be interesting to see how drastic the change would be via reducing SP to 3-4 seconds in terms of statistics.
  9. Dewalt

    Bad spawn protection > not being able to kill you all the time. But thank you for your constructive addition to the conversation.
  10. Dewalt

    Let me quantify it in a different way. People are complaining and potentially getting a subsequent change to cooked nades (probably making up less than 1% of deaths on the server), where as getting blasted from an invisible player is damn near a standard - especially on small maps. There is nothing fun or great or engaging about getting shot from behind by an invisible player who had 7-11 seconds to setup a kill on you so I guess we will have to agree to disagree on what makes "great matches". I find it interesting that the majority of FPS games in existence either only utilize spawn protection for a few seconds at most or forgo it all together.
  11. Dewalt

    What's your opinion on spawn protection? I feel like on small maps it truly ruins the flow of the game quickly devolving into "who can get shot in the back by an invisible person less". Combat medic is of course on a whole different level. I feel like in every fps I've ever played with spawn protection it's designed to protect you from instantly getting blasted upon spawn, where as in this mod on small maps you can essentially make it to the enemy spawn or very close to it. At this rate referring to it as "spawn offense" seems more accurate lol. Do you think reducing it to 2-3 seconds could work? Currently combined with cars and missiles, the mode often feels like it encourages camping in corners just not to get blasted in the back or from the side without warning.
  12. Dewalt

    WTB lag compensation adjustments =P
  13. Dewalt

    You should come play on the ace mod server sometime! I Just started messin around there and I'd love to play against a good promod player >=)



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