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  1. Rascal

    Glad someone said what I was thinking. xD The bottom line, it should be what is best for the clan and the majority of the clan members. If one person ruins the fun for themany, then I don't see anything wrong with fixing that. There are a number of people I don't enjoy playing the server with because it just isn't any fun. I don't need to win every match or have the most kills, but dying over and over isn't exactly what I want to do either. This post has brought out some arrogance in some people that really shows their true colors. Rugger, you rock and this clan rocks. And it will continue to be that. Stay classy Pete.
  2. Rascal

    Hey Graywolf. Welcome to the forums!
  3. Rascal

    This would be my profile
  4. Rascal

    Steam name is Rascal or try rascalxi I play a lot
  5. Rascal

    Thanks for the heads up! Got all of them!
  6. Rascal

    I actually stumbled upon the COD4 freezetag servers when I was 12. I had grown up listening to swearing and adult conversation, which is way I enjoyed playing. I played on the server for a while and after pestering Wildthing enough, he eventually convinced Rugger to let me join as a junior member. Everyone knew me at that point anyway. I basically spent my teenage years growing up here. Now i'm 18 and in college but I still check the website everyday to see what's going on. Yet some people still call me junior.
  7. Rascal

    Happy Birthday!!
  8. Rascal

    Welcome to our family!
  9. Rascal

    Welcome to our family!
  10. Rascal

    Happy birthday! Hope it's a good one!
  11. Congrats on the promotion !
  12. Rascal

    Happy Birthday, Rockape!
  13. Rascal

    Hello and welcome!
  14. Rascal

    Welcome to our forums! It's been fun gaming with ya!
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