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  1. Demonio

    That was pure torture! I love me some lasagna
  2. Demonio

    Love this!!! That kid is going to have some great memories
  3. Demonio

    My wild boy! ❤️ Found him as a little pup, the product of a pack of wild dogs - he turned into a great little guy
  4. Demonio

    What a nice pup!!! Sweet dog ❤️
  5. Thanks for all your helpful tips Sharpe! You rock my friend
  6. Demonio

    Try getting food from local, smaller family farms. Know your farmer You'll feel better, and be healthier - especially if they grow/raise their produce/dairy/meat in a clean, sustainable, organic manner. It matters
  7. Demonio

    How do you shoot a hopping bunny? Hop in sync!! LOL! Pretty soon it'll look like popcorn, or a mosh pit! hee hee!! Rock on!
  8. Hello Icequeen! I'm a dude from SC, and have been playing on your XI Servers a while now...not sure how long. I guess I signed up on your site Feb 2018. I've communicated a bit with Roxy about membership and I'm excited to be part of a clan again after my old clan dissolved a couple years ago. I'm a guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, instructor, and a marketing professional. I love perform concerts, travel, and live in nature. I recently got my TeamSpeak working though I have a remaining issue to resolve. I look forward to gaming with you and thanks for asking about me!
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