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  1. Demonio

    Thanks so much!! I'm an avid "food as medicine" person and have eliminated so much from my diet, eating only whole foods and clean pastured proteins and wild fish (non mercury that is). Had no idea about seeds and will actively be filling me awareness.....a big help to me my friend....many thanks! So glad you're here with us
  2. He's been a reliable source of intelligent, data-backed, non-political, no b.s. info for me for two years. I have often done my own validation of sources he cites and he's one of the very few I trust. There are others too, and it always helps for those of us in North America, particularly in the states, to seek information from other parts of the globe. The U.S. is in a bubble of ignorance thanks to the "meidia", who are dumber than paint chips.
  3. Demonio

    aw man - so sorry about that...hard stuff. Sending lots of prayers and intentions for a great recovery and safe healing.
  4. Demonio

    There is documented, scientific proof of COVID-19 in Barcelona, Spain in March 2019. Most major cities store samples of their wastewater and Barcelona found it in their wastewater as far back as then. There are scientific papers under peer review by the major scientific journals. This was presented by the University of Barcelona. The info is readily available to find......it will be many years before we have an understanding of true origins, pathways, and impacts this manufactured virus has had. So very sorry for your loss.
  5. Demonio

    Sending tons to him, you, and deep gratitude for all you folks have done.
  6. Demonio

    Oh no!! So very sorry Chica - what a sweet, sweet boy! Dogs are the best in the world and I've had the honor to have them in my life. Sending you lots of hugs – he was lucky to have you and your family, as you were blessed to have him his whole life. Our K9 companions on this journey....
  7. Demonio

    Thx Everyone!!!
  8. Demonio

    be right there yo!
  9. Demonio

    Thank you Bruv! I love this song - I played this a lot back in the day in cover bands Cheers My Friend!
  10. Demonio

    Nice man! Keep rockin and havin fun buddy!
  11. Demonio

    Be well and safe travels!!
  12. Demonio

    Cool Basil - I thought so....lots of Grayman stories around here
  13. Demonio

    I was doing an investigation of an old city jail in and old Southern US City that had been in operation from the 1600's to the 1930's. About 20 or so of us in a group and during a break, a fully open, MASSIVE iron gate closed before my eyes. At first I thought someone in our group closed it but nobody was there but me. I examined the gate thoroughly and it would NOT move freely. In fact it required significant effort as it was about 4' x 8' or larger, made of 2" wide horizontal and vertical bars in addition the the heavy iron frame. I accept that some force acted upon it that my eyes could not see. I even look for wires, cables or string that may have pulled it closed, but found nothing. Only a steel cable would have been strong enough to handle the sheer weight of the gate. It was an exhilarating experience - not scary but fascinating!
  14. Demonio

    Which Island Basil? I live in the Lowcountry I'll go out there and do some ghost hunting!
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