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  1. BeerGoat

    That did work once on win 7. I'm starting to wonder if it is a motherboard issue. or hardware issue...
  2. BeerGoat

    I have done all of those things found that website in my first searches. Thanks! I'm going to try a new keyboard tomorrow when I get home from work, Ive already tried the 2 I have at home. I also had this issue on WIN 7.
  3. BeerGoat

    Cool. But I don't have esc or alt f4 even out of fortnite. take call of duty for instance hard to do a lot of things in game without ESC and its like that and the F* keys are just gone.
  4. BeerGoat

    I did another full scan of all drives..... It found PUP.Optional.Bandoo on 2 other drives and I have quarantined. I still don't have an ESC or the alt f4 combo.
  5. BeerGoat

    A Malwarebytes byte didn't find anything.....
  6. BeerGoat

    No problem with them disabling it during game, but I want to be able to use it later and no esc at all anymore just sucks. I did try the keyboard troubleshooter and there isn't anything wrong....
  7. BeerGoat

    Ive tried a different keyboard. Ill get malware bytes and give it a shot, as soon as he lets me....:) Thanks Ill let everyone know what I find out!
  8. BeerGoat

    I did a new install of win 10. No FN key that I can see its a Dell keyboard.
  9. My son plays Fortnite, finally got the computer working again after he installed a bunch of malware. Everything was great, I even got in a couple games of COD4 then he plays Fortnite and now the ESC key and the alt+f4 combo isn't working. This is a desktop and not a laptop. I have done everything I can think of and can find on Google. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  10. BeerGoat

    I use a retropie for streaming. Don't have any issues other than what would be expected with a free streaming service.
  11. BeerGoat

  12. BeerGoat

    Found em. I got the page open and will give it a shot tonight. Thanks
  13. BeerGoat

    I am running a raspberry PI with Kodi. I wouldn't mind adding TV stations to it. What does everyone suggest?
  14. This looks like it is going to be lots of fun. Who is going to be on Tuesday? Wish I had a time for when it is deployed.
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