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  1. BeerGoat

  2. BeerGoat

    Ive completed the story line and have been grinding out the map. Ready to get into the online stuff. Does anyone play online? Thanks
  3. BeerGoat

    Yep that is I!!
  4. BeerGoat

    Welcome from WarGod
  5. I can make the first map. Which server will that be on so I can make sure my loadout is correct since I usually only play on the MW2 server.
  6. Still work to go. About to fiber glass the outside then we can take it off the forms and start on the inside!
  7. BeerGoat

  8. BeerGoat

  9. Bob's special 15' cedar strip canoe. Im about 1/3rd of the way! AF1QipMHv2ElGbgAlzeiQEvVtMxjgtdo-BO-YUJWVFrw.url AF1QipMeEQJlf0XRoEm9V255qX5nUO37igUfblP4udea.url
  10. BeerGoat

    Logitech have always done me right!
  11. BeerGoat

    Dealer is hacking! Sheesh I do better in Vegas.
  12. BeerGoat

    Points I like points!



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