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  1. 2 seconds is way to short. Try 4 or 5 and see how that goes instead!
  2. Didn't know about the walk thing, but it seems to be fine running around Bettys ... I'll be more aware of that in the future. As for the RC thing, it's not about it taking longer to get into a car, I'm fine with that. Its that the timing relative to whether you are a car or a person is messed up and causing issues here. If you see your car is deployed in the log, and then you are frozen but your car is gone ... there's a bug.
  3. This exactly. I use Stealth, and if I get into a car in front of sentry so that I can hack it with Hacker, I die by the sentry no less, and lose my car ... only one of those should happen Also, as a Stealth user, Claymores should not go off, yet they do (and it's not because someone else sets it off, in protection or not)...
  4. I agree the explosion when shooting emp mines falls under this as well. And it's not that is shouldn't kill, it's just that it's more powerful than it used to be.
  5. Hmm doesn't matter if I toggle console or not, still crashes...
  6. I actually installed patch 1.4 (which I knew included all previous patches) and then incrementally up to 1.7. I thought about the sound issue but usually there is something else that hints at that, and I have found no hint of anything here...
  7. Alright everyone, I need your help. My COD4 game has started having issues when changing maps :(. At the time of this writing, I have reinstalled the game using an ISO (I don't own a steam version), removed all usermaps, and ran the game as admin, and still no luck. I've had the console up when this is going on, and nothing is being outputted there during the fail. If I just try to wait it out, there is an ever growing number of cod4 none responsive windows that keep popping up (I only know this by what task manager shows, otherwise it wouldn't be obvious). The only way to get out of the game is end it via task manager. So, what am I missing or what could I try to get this to work? I would really appreciate any help you can give on this!
  8. Destructo

    Very nice Penguin!! Merry Christmas!
  9. So is there a point in getting the upper versions, or just the standard version is all that will be needed? (I'm not sure how the packs work in BF world and thinking ahead with multiplayer in mind...)
  10. Destructo

    Ok, thanks all for the replies and opinions, looks like I'll be trying out BF4 soon enough
  11. Destructo

    yah, I'm definitely focused on the multiplayer aspect of it with everyone here, so if there aren't enough people here going to play it, I don't think it's worth my gift card
  12. Destructo

    So basically I'm a COD4 FT player at heart, but I got this microsoft gift card burning a hole in my pocket, and I'm thinking about getting BF1 to alleviate that burning sensation (damn Prep H failed meh!!!). But more so than playing it for SP, I want to know if you all think this will be a major multiplayer game here as well. If it isn't, I could just get BF4 ... Whats your opinion?
  13. Destructo

    It's gonna be about a 9 hour drive for my wife and I, but it's the first one that is actually do able, so count us there (barring no disasters).
  14. Destructo

    I can do one better, I have it all uploaded in ISO format on my one drive. Just let me know if you want to go that route and I'll share it with you.
  15. Destructo

    The date hasn't been decided yet, but the first post pointed toward the October timeframe. I presume once there is a place the date will be voted on next.
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