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  1. it is on the main ft server right now... (server 1 is the main server right )
  2. @Crusher i disagree with one of your answers buddy... Do you volunteer? If so, where? Nope i say you do volunteer... you volunteer your time to the clan in your duty as admin and i thank you for that... oh and btw... i think @E-raserhas some midget porn for you!
  3. @Timmah! apologies for the fucking inconvenience i caused to you because the fucking third language i know is english and i sometimes make fucking mistakes in a fucking joke i make... for fuck sake mate
  4. did you know that chuck norris uses stunt doubles.... but just for the scenes where he has to cry
  5. steam is online also.. but you are stuck with your original steamid as a username/profile you cant make a profile anymore cause activision(?) says they dont have enough keycodes for that anymore i know this cause i am having the same bullshit and for that reason are not allowed to wear my xi tags in cod5
  6. @RobMc yah bloody snowflake, just fuck off will yah? stop trying to give room to the snowflakes and hopefully they will stop for once. oh and btw rob.... was it a thai ladyboy or a normal one? and just incase i forgot... !fu love yah buddy!
  7. the thai ladyboys are all waiting for you down at the pub @RobMc.
  8. oh sry indeed... but i also bought cod5 on steam and it went the same way without the iwmp3 step.... too be honest i wrote that part when i was drunk as hell...
  9. i have win 11 harry and i first pressed the buy button on steam, and then install... and the game launched. then had to manual put in a 1.7 version of the iw3mp.exe and it worked fine
  10. and yes i also run it on win 11 through steam
  11. the game will defenitly run the multiplayer through steam... thats how i use it.... BUT your steam username will be your ingame name, cause activision says they dont have anymore keys avaiable to get new usernames... wich is bs but nonetheless the new players are fucked.... that is the main reason i am not allowed to use my tags on cod5.... my ingame name and my forum name are not the same. and i dont wanna change my forum name cause i use that for a lot of other stuff.... but anyhow... mp works just gotta set it up right
  12. go and read number 3.... and i have never ever ever heard or seen beers do the things that you accuse him of.... and yes i played with that ass @2_MANY_BEERS a lot.... i have on the other hand seen you under your alias cptmike being in places that you can shoot everyone from while they cant get you..... so... yeah just my 2 cents
  13. no problem @StormCrow at what exact momen (minutes and seconds plz) can we see you in the videoclip?
  14. nice brother. so you basically are a member of the band now... can i have your autograph now because you are going to be famous of course! all jokes aside. prettty pretty cool btw. @StormCrowi was thinking to what other band their sound makes me think of... it is like nickelback or am i commiting a crime now?
  15. sry for asking stormy but... what are gang vocals? is it singing with more people together? remember english is not my first language (officially not even my second language)
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