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  1. the baron

    YES!!! its here!!!! finally! i was waiting for the conspiracy theory post of hammer! now we can make fun of him even more for believing this fucking nonsense btw hammer… i urge you to find a way to fly to holland, Germany, spaine, italy, france and go visit a hospital there… and after that visit i fucking dare you to speak again!
  2. the baron

    Conspiracy's!!!! Where is hammer??
  3. the baron

    back in the days this game was called road rash
  4. stop whining and just play the maps….
  5. @YACCster great a mac being praised into heaven…. by a MAC SITE!!!
  6. you guys can do even a better thing then not upgrading... buy a real computer and start using windows instead of those Ischmacks
  7. the baron

    i got the game backup working. had something to do with a stereo setting you must have turned on... still dont have a mic though
  8. the baron

    ok boys and girls, my headset and mic just said fuck yourself yesterday and now i am without a mic. i luckily had a backup headphone but it is without a mic. it wil at least be 3 weeks before i will have the money to buy a new one so no voice chat for the baron! will see you people in game! Or not… cause i now find out that the game isnt starting... hope to fix it asap so i can get back in there with you guys the baron!
  9. the baron

    For whoever wants it the sims 4 is for free on origins
  10. if i am correctly george r.r. martin once said that such a big story as the game of thrones should never have a good ending. so that could mean that the night king is going to win everything… but who knows… we have seen enough plot twists in all the episodes (thinking about the mountain)
  11. the baron

    because of the tragedy that happened with the notre dame in paris ubisoft just offered assassins creed unity for free for everyone. so get it while it is free if you want it on uplay or ubisoft.com.
  12. the baron

    had loads of fun boys and girls! when we gonna do it again?
  13. the baron

    POP CORN GET YOUR POP CORN!!! anyone want some popcorn for this fucking drama show? you guys made this thread from a fucking question from harry… into a fucking bash everyone topic. and yes streetcleaner that includes you. and no you dont have to get up with all your "big words" and yes i am fucking attacking you right now… i hate fucking people that think they are the fucking best of this world. i cant care less about you fucking playing here for 12 years… if you are still not a member here then you did something wrong and that is on YOU not on the members of this clan. stop attacking members! now that is said... i think we should get back to the topic or that an admin needs to close this thread. so… back to topic. i dont think you need to ban certain "high skilled" players. everyone is high skilled for me. you guys know that. i suck at this game so playing with someone that kills you over and over again can be irritating. just suck it up butter cup. go ahead and try to kill them. even with a score of 6 kills and 130 deaths (yes i had those days) i will still enjoy the fucking game.
  14. the baron

    if this thing is real the gaming world is entirely gonna change.... not only the gaming world… but what to think about the pc/console industry…. you will never have to buy a new pc or console anymore cause you can play it in whatever you have and it will never be outdated…. so not only the gaming world is gonna change but economicly there is gonna change a lot also…. i am gonna wait impatiently for this device to see what it brings us.
  15. the baron

    if anyone is up to it, i am gonna play right now! steamaccount is: bokse1306
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