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  1. today we had a very weird glitch on the map township on the dm server. it was like 10 minutes ago that we first noticed one of the players was invisible. i imedietley asked him to come over to the same spot without shooting me to verify it, and he was just invisible. no one was able to see him. the player was frank castle. i am sure he was not hacking himself cause he sounded really surprised about it and even reconnected to see if he was still invisible after that, wich he was. at that moment was about the end of the map so we waited for the next map to see if it happened again and he was visible again, so i think there is something wrong with the map TOWNSHIP
  2. the baron

    any problems? come see me in ts
  3. the baron

    just download a v1.7 iwmp3.exe file and replace the one you already have in the steamfolder with the one you downloaded it will work. here i will even give you my file of the game.... iw3mp.exe
  4. the baron

    the snow that @RobMc loves to eat
  5. the baron

    oh and before i forget it.... FU @RobMc
  6. the baron

    omfg there goes the neighborhood again.... who let him back in here?? HONEY!! where is that restraining order that you got with robs name on it???
  7. the baron

    ffs i had the champagne opened already to party... i really tought you where gonna leave but no... it is about a damn pc screen
  8. the baron

    bring me some also you greedy biatch
  9. the baron

    ah kijk... nu snap ik het, mijnheer warink.
  10. the baron

    betere vraag is... waarom staat kalvijn op al je foto's???
  11. I'm doing good yah bootleg pirate. And how you doing? You back in xi?
  12. jeez can you stick to a name already yah junkyfosh
  13. the baron

    he timmah, next time when you do the 2 layers on eachother put some strawberryjam between it. it will be really good! (i hope i translated that right, its like marmelade you know... but then strawberry)
  14. Me too.... but i do attract all kinds of metal that then stick to me.... should be nothing right?
  15. Hey finally you put one of your posts in the correct part of the forums.... They are all jokes and fuckups anyway
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