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  1. RocknRobert

    Very sorry for your loss...!
  2. RocknRobert

    So sorry for your loss...!
  3. RocknRobert

    I like playing drums which seems more like a hobby now at my old age... heh!
  4. RocknRobert

    'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' I thought was a good movie....
  5. RocknRobert

  6. RocknRobert

    R.I.P. he will be missed!
  7. RocknRobert

    R.I.P. I always liked the Allman Brothers...!
  8. RocknRobert

    Thanks for the info....
  9. RocknRobert

  10. RocknRobert

    Hope you had a good day...!
  11. RocknRobert

    Ok then...!
  12. RocknRobert

    I have no thoughts... heh!
  13. RocknRobert

  14. RocknRobert

    No thanks, but thanks...
  15. RocknRobert

    Ok then... so be it!