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  1. Robert aka Bob and myself
  2. AFK

    @Shadow and I are back! And both with new shiny tags!! We had a great vacation and we're ready to tear it up! Catch y'all in game
  3. Thanks all!! We're just returning from vacation, hope to see y'all soon!!
  4. Thanks y'all!! Looking forward to putting the tags on when we return
  5. Hey punk, Check your PMs asap  :mail::mail::mail: Thanks

  6. AFK

    What's up Guys and Gals!! You won't be seeing Shadow and I online or in the servers for a week. We're headed out to Erie for bike week Tuesday!!! It's our one time a year we get away and just spend "us" time together. We will be back, so enjoy the time not getting killed by us.
  7. Here's mine!! Oh wait... They're not puppies. But they might as well be! We have 12 to be exact. The majority of our horses have been saved from slaughter and are on our farm to live out the remainder of their days. The rest have been born on the farm. These two are my boys <3
  8. Hi there Punk lol  :hrhr:

    1. Justice


      Yo!!!  Ready for another ass whooping in game?  :spiteful:

    2. J3st3rXI




      Hey Keep safe on your scoot. Everyone and there grandmother has cell phones. Came really close to T boning the side of a mini van the other day. Damn soccer mom on a cell phone.

    3. Justice


      Thanks dude!  Just over 300 miles in on our first day, having a blast!!  :yahoo:

  9. Nice Dude!
  10. That's why I ride a Honda
  11. I don't need a very big one for my tiny butt
  12. I was out tinkering today https://www.facebook.com/aimee.auman/posts/1752682894760652
  13. Looks great, can't wait to try it out!!
  14. They worked great! If you need any help, I'm here. It's more intimidating than what it really is.
  15. There's multiply codes used to call up different options. But yes, g-codes are all your movements and m codes would be all you accessories (example: Spindle on/off, coolant, chip conveyor, etc.)