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  1. nice m8
  2. Idiots all of them nice......................
  3. Fantastic m8 i know how much hard work and time you've spend working on this congratulations looking forward to jumping on it and BOB your the Master NEEDS THE MAP MAKERS MEDAL
  4. HI all the start of my first cod2 map is under way mp_path_to_glory some tunnel work
  5. Carry on as normal all sorted
  6. HI all just installed the mod tools and seeing this when trying to open asset_manager the program can not start because the MFC71.DLL is missing from your computer? I've looked and i have them in c/drive sysWOW64 and in the cod2 bin folder ?
  7. Cheers m8 will be installing the mod tools and having a look at radiant for cod2 will keep you guys posted ..........................................
  8. HI people just put cod2 back on and will be install the mod tools as well and hopefully making a map for it, so will be jumping in and out just too take a look at what the maps look like cheers Mark
  9. IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The map is finished, but not too sure how this is going to go down ? all i can say is its going to be different lol
  11. I LOVE MAZ
  12. Getting close, this should work on the freeze tag servers as well
  13. Happy Birthday m8
  14. Happy Birthday m8