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  1. I know I go MIA a lot but I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and hope everyone got what they wanted or needed.
  2. haven't played in awhile and heres why. just upgraded from this 01 honda shadow to this 03 harley soft tail custom 100yr anniversary and well you understand. just had to get in some riding time. what watcha think?
  3. right now i running a cheap wal mart brand thats about 5 or 6 years old. kind of ashamed to say it but at the time it was all i could afford. the alienware pc i was looking at is $1400 but still working out the finances of it all. never built my own pc. wouldn't know where to start. i thank you for all the help and will be getting back to one if not all of you when its a go on it.
  4. i trying to get back into the swing of things. its been hard on me since my dad passed away. just had to get some things straight in my life. i have check in as often as i could. i've upgraded my internet to around 120megs and am trying to upgrade to a good gaming system. if anyone has any suggestions on one that won't break the bank let me know please. i can play on this old dinosaur but just slow as hell. been looking at some alienware pc's but not sure if their is something better for the same price or less. less would be nice but it is what it is. gonna try to play some tonight in acemod. hope to see some of you in there.
  5. Montgomery is only 2 to 3 miles from where i live here in Alabama.
  6. just wanted to show off my new copper nemesis mod with the copper TOBH atty that i just got finished putting a patina on and some of my other drip mods. all 3 of my nemesis almost all my mech mods.
  7. here is the zombie one but their new dragon don't look to bad either. http://www.provape.com/SearchResults.asp?Search=zombie
  8. fast tech hasn't let me down yet. let me know how the hana clone and the dna 30 are. my local shop has the clones of the hana 20 and 30's. i have the dna20 hana clone. it not like the real thing but it vapes really good. only different thing is that it don't have some of the same functions as the real thing. i have had my eye one the vapor shark for a while but my local shop don't have them yet. i am also gonna order me a provari zombie edition with the 18650 extenion tube for it.
  9. just thoughtz you would like to see this and help the vaping community if you would like to help stop the fda from shutting it done. please post and let me know if you did. thx this is for the folks in the usa only.
  10. yeah think i will stick to standard drip tips. lmao
  11. i am as soon as i get over my injury and put some cash back in my pocket.
  12. you know their cloning the hana dna30's. i know there is some against the clones and won't buy them but there just like the real thing and if your always broke like me then what the hell. everything i own is a clone accept my innokin stuff like the mvp, vrt,134mini, and the new drv for the car. all my mechs and atty's are clones but nice ones at a cheaper price. my best set up is my phantom brass stingray with the stillare rda. but take a look at this clone of the hana dna30. it's a 1.1 clone. everything is the same. size shape power out put perfect match. http://www.fasttech.com/search/1499-Consumer-Electronics?hana
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