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  1. the actor playing kirk you idiot lol
  2. cant go wrong with logitech Klipsch if you like
  3. I do not as all the time I have available for game play is used up with COD and Warships. By all accounts this is supposed to be a very good game. I'm surprised we don't have any budding Captain Kirks as this is a Canadian gang eh lol.
  4. congrats mule !
  5. streetcleaner good god man those guys were just children back then haha. great historical record there for sure. I remember seeing Ted Nugent and Bob Seger in my jr high and high school.
  6. Yes is another of my favorites. ! great video. one thing i noticed was the lack of a smoky atmosphere from the crowd lol.
  7. not planning any new game purchases for a while yet. once a week playing is already filled with freezetag and warships. !
  8. very cool angelz
  9. don't know about the getting hi thing but all this rotating is making me dizzy lol. see you all there.
  10. check out these idiots !!!
  11. you were not kidding in the description lol wow. !! just awesome.
  12. bon chance mon ami !
  13. glad you did the responsible thing for yourself. !! get better soon.
  14. come on I got to have a handful of these to share with family . !! that's cool as hell I think.
  15. better late than never i guess. back at you wojo.