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  1. Hefe33

    I use Gunnar Prescription glasses with the yellow tint LOVE EM! https://gunnar.com/gaming-glasses/
  2. Hefe33

    full creeper status!!!
  3. how many of my COD5 peeps plan on XI fest this time around? we had a decent turn out at the falls 2 years ago... fairly weak in Nashville... can we get some COD5 numbers in NC this year? My wife and I will be there, and Iceman and his wife plan on attending... whos in?
  4. Hefe33

    Thanks everyone! that's why I love this place.. I'm almost 50 and I'm still one of the "young ones"!
  5. nobody posted any Turkey Dinners yet?
  6. we were doing great till we stumbled on (arguably) 2 of the best players of the game!! (I almost knocked Choco!!) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/344319860 skip to about 1:20:00
  7. Hefe33

    HUGE Kiss fan... I've met Gene, Paul, Peter, Ace, Bruce, & Eric Singer .. many at different times I even dated a girl back in the day with 2 daughters .. one named Shandi and one named Beth (I still see the kids...)
  8. agreed! good job to all that set things up! Also.. guys keep me in mind if you need anything I have a TeamSpeak server and a COD5 (and 4) server if you need to borrow it... just say the word... it's all yours.. anytime!
  9. Hefe33

    seems like the right call was made!
  10. Hefe33

    My wife shared some pics to my phone, sorry if I’m reposting any.
  11. Hefe33

    maybe someone can post a pic
  12. Hefe33

    it's just SO TRUE!
  13. Hefe33

    man... they were busting my balls all weekend about it!! (so... yea.. I probably will a bit... I'm sure they'll ask me to leave once they realize COD5 players are awesome... and I just school them at COD4)
  14. Hefe33

    not really... (btw, like my new profile pic?)
  15. Hefe33

    seems like a fair deal!
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