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  1. Starla will be so happy!!! (Bummer about Olive though)
  2. Count us in! (Probably bringing a spare) (The 20-23rd works best but either is fine) ~Hefe
  3. I'm sure we will be a bit late to the party (Teaching a CPL Class.. "Concealed pistol license") but should be back home by 6 or 8 depending on if we go out to eat after
  4. VERY fun indeed!! Thanks to everyone who put it all together! And... @ShadyBrady my Wife and My Girlfriend are excited you're sending them some drinks! (shoot me a PM and we can work out the details) ~Hefe
  5. Hefe33

    Thanks guys
  6. Hefe33

    I should be there with my wife and my girlfriend
  7. Hefe33

    My wife and I will be there (Unless White Dragon is there...) we will probably have 1 guest as well
  8. Happy b-day my friend!

  9. Hefe33

    Thanks everyone
  10. Hefe33


    very sad... our deepest condolences
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