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anniecloseupskilunch.thumb.jpg.36e75d64b1364880b8cb9a307b59bf7a.jpgWell, I have been gaming since my son (ReelGenius) got me playing years ago.  I don't like that many games, but when I find something I like, I tend to really, really, really like it and become a playaholic.    I play sometimes as some form of basil like Majbasil or basil_2 and so on.  Why?  Cause I adore the herb basil.  I may not be the best player but I do have a gung ho attitude, and tend to find all this funny and hey that has to count for something.  CHEERS!  


OK so, the clans I have been in are XID  (Extreme Infantry Division) I was an admin there, we had MOH servers.   Gosh that was like 10 years or so ago sh.

THEN, some of us created a new clan and it was called PXB  (Phoenix Battalion) and we had all sorts of different PC gaming servers)  but it was alot of work that lasted a year or two approx.   Then, we all took off into different gaming directions and went free-style.  Some of the clan admins actually joined this clan ;)     



Top photo from Lake Tahoe two winters ago, we arrived to a blizzard - so cool.  Lower photo is from Park City, Utah, we had never been there and cute town!  The next photo I add will be this winter's trip to Telluride, CO.  :)  LIVE TO SKI   OK update, I did have a bad crash at Telluride so the next photo might be of my hand and knee braces at the Telluride clinic I was brought down to from the top of the mountain.   Well, the trip down, backwards during a snowstorm was super fun I must admit even though it was kinda painful... lol   I officially retire from skiing, but loved every minute!

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