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  1. so funny, I read bendy wings, and I go there --- YOGA (thought this post was about Yoga) lol Read further, then OH.
  2. Majbasil

    OK you want to know why a nice liberal like me plays FPS games, well I will tell you. Growing up in the country, we ran around playing war. USA is always in some sort of war, parents tend to be veterans, kids (at least kids used to) play run around make believe. That is what I would play, when I wasn't doing all sorts of other stuff, so gaming FPS is like me as a kid running around pew pew. As for who I imagine I am fighting, it is mostly the WW2 Nazis, today it is the Russians and saving the Ukrainians in my mind, good guy vs bad guy stuff. As for real guns, they SUCK. Live by the gun, die by the gun in my mind. And omg video games / gaming / play acting is completely completely different from real life (DUH.) https://www.cbsnews.com/news/texas-school-shooting-ar15-gun-laws/
  3. Majbasil

    GUNS SUCK. Period. And shame on anyone who is against efforts to stop the non military from purchasing automatic weapons and other easy peasy weapons of mass destruction. Sure do wish this love affair with THE GUN would end, but we humans are flawed and warlike. It is in the nature of so many. Ergo, mankind is doomed to suffer and turmoil and destruction and hate and frankly, evil. Those poor kids O M G, those poor families. And for what? That the mentally sick 18 year old could buy those weapons he used to murder so many so quickly is OUTRAGEOUS! There should be hell to pay. NRA fuck off, GOP fuck off, Gun lovers and you know who you are, fuck off. It sucks to have corrupt and "owned" by money and greed politicians and leaders. https://elections.bradyunited.org/take-action/nra-donations-116th-congress-senators https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-35261394 article about what the NRA is and why it is so powerful (and dangerous) Lord if you are out there and care, please, please help us from ourselves. Amen.
  4. Majbasil

    So many folks have been getting it (COVID 19) lately. Are folks still dying of it or just getting the worst cold of their lives sort of illness? I have had I think 3 vaccine shots so far for it, and my blood type is O so I figure it'll suck for up to a week if I get it, but will survive. Now we have Monkey Pox to worry about, looks painful and awful. 1% will die of it if they get it and some don't ever show symptoms. Apparently this beginning "pandemic" is due to sexual encounters, well folks need to knock that sex with strangers, without condoms nonsense off, good grief. CDC thinks they can manage to track everyone down and contain it SO FAR. Humans... not too far from the monkey apparently. https://australian.museum/learn/science/human-evolution/humans-are-apes-great-apes/
  5. Majbasil

    OMG... who has time to read??? There is gaming to be had.
  6. Majbasil

    I am going to say it... GUNS SUCK. Period. Isn't it interesting that so many countries that do not have guns willy nilly do not seem to have this problem like we do in the good ole USA? 2 cents.
  7. Majbasil

    Wow, poor Jester! ANYHOW, ever since I was a little girl studying about Black Holes and other bizarre things in the universe we have yet to discover but that just might be, I was very frightened about the whole Black Hole theory and how it probably works (sucking everything into it in a ominous, non-stoppable.) Yikes. Flash forward to now, hey wait... This one is apparently in the center of the Milky Way. Does that perhaps suggest that for a galaxy (or this one at least) to hold together, it has to have a ginormous, humongous black hole in the center? Hmmmm https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagittarius_A* Nice post Sammy tickles the grey matter in the brain a bit.
  8. Majbasil

    lol VHS, I know, right?
  9. Majbasil

    wondering what kinda chemicals they put into that so I looked it up ...
  10. Majbasil

  11. Majbasil

    THANKS! My grandest achievements, my kids. Happy Mother's Day to everyone, cause we all have one, some of us are one, some of us will be one...
  12. Majbasil

    Oh hi Nancy, how did you manage to bring up all those (5?) children and to be a such a successful politician? What is it like to be rich AND powerful as a woman? Do you like living mostly in DC or do you prefer California? How many grandkids do you have? What is your most proud achievement? How do you still manage to wear heels (some of them high) anymore? Do you own your own jet? I would guess you do, or at least have one on call. Keep fighting the good fight, don't let those angry white men boss everyone else around to their way of mean spirited thinking that should be the world order.
  13. Majbasil

  14. Actually, that is a nice statue, nice and shiny... EEEEE AWWWWWW
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