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  1. crimson

    Broadcast Engineer for WarnerMedia. Our networks include TBS, TNT TRUtv ( just finished March Madness tourney with CBS) Cartoon Network/Adult Swim, CNN, HBO/Cinemax, TCM, NBA etc...all come out of my building. (Also HBOmax is our streaming service) Essentially I'm like a fireman, when there is an air issue, or an equipment issue, I come running. I'm very fortunate, it's a great place to work. https://www.warnermedia.com/us
  2. Can we get this rotation back?
  3. Thats the one. Fantastic map.
  4. there was a great big map on yesterday that was awesome. Is it gone?
  5. Peng this map is hella glitchy, bad doors and windows. Can we please sub this map out? I recommend BOG as a suitable replacement. Thanks! (also put in Admin forum)
  6. crimson

    Yep my bad, list moved as I hit the button.
  7. crimson

    Purely accidental. But you probably deserved it.
  8. I like em both. When Rugger put on the old mod the other day, after the new one crashed, I was amazed at how different the hit registration feel was. It had been so long I had forgotten the feel of an accurate shot. I'll probably play both.
  9. crimson

    BADASS! Very cool.
  10. Hey, Anybody have an old GPU they aren't using, and may be interested in selling? My daughter is running on an old GTX 650 which is on it's last legs, not nearly powerful enough for the games she plays. LOL and others. I'm looking for something in the Nvidia 960 or higher, or will consider a Radeon depending on what it is. I'd buy her a new one but that's frickin impossible right now. Drop me a PM with what you got, and we can discuss from there. Thanks! CRIMSON
  11. Got my first Moderna shot this week, had Covid in July 2020. My nurse said if you had covid, its the first shot that is the worst, which is contrary to all I'd heard. My wife and eldest kid are complaining about their arms, mine stung a bit first day, but that was it. Good to go. May keel over on the 2nd, but we'll see. Glad to see many of you are doing the right thing. This vaccine is the quickest way to get out of this. Be well!
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