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  1. Lady.

    Oh dear. I wish your dad all the best and hope he will get better quickly. Lots of strength for you all!
  2. Lady.

    That sounds creepy.... i'm scared!!!
  3. Lady.

    Yummmyy Yummmmy Yummmyy!
  4. Lady.

    AAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! SSOOO CUTTEEE!!!! Have fun and a great time with the little puppy!!!!
  5. So I don't see any hack at all and I have to agree with BlackRose....all participants were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. And now honestly with each of us goes from time to time a shot accidentally in the wrong direction! Luck Shoot! Load the weapon! Put on the helmet and the game continues!
  6. Lady.

    All the best for your birthday guys!!
  7. Lady.

    Happy Birthday!
  8. Lady.

    Oh thank you very much WldPenguin! I didn't know that Can anyone/I move the post then somehow? Or should i just leave it in here?
  9. Lady.

    Hihihi sooorrryyy!!??? But I can not promise it
  10. Lady.

    Dear Freeztag gamers, Even though I am not an XI member, I would like to write something about it. I've been playing on your server for a few years (with a short break in between). And I must say I like both mods very much, but I think the old mod is a bit too slow for me (defrosting, shooting). Need a little action while playing! I would find a mix of both mods cool. But don't think you can do that Because both have its pros and cons sides! On the other hand, I find the old mod good that you can defrost with the RCXD and kill someone! *smile* On the other hand, it totally annoys me that you can steal the care package from the player directly in the new mod! But also only because that annoys me extremely! *smile* But everyone has his own taste! I just find it a pity that here is partly expressed that players who have been with you for years or even just for a short time should not or may not vote. Your server lives not only by members but also by your guests who like to spend time with you or on your server! I for my part like to play on your server and would/will continue to do so, no matter which mod is running now. Lady is at the start to hopefully continue to have fun on your servers! By the way respect to Sammy who created the new mod and developed it further. There is certainly a lot of time and work behind it! And the result can be seen! Keep it up! In this sense we will shoot or see each other on the server!! P.S.: I would have been wrote this to the other existing topic but its already closed or even not opened for everyone any longer! Lady.!
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