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  1. Popasquat

    so sorry for your loss, may angels be with you an your family !
  2. Popasquat


    hi, all I have missed all of you I will be back soon as I can figure out how to get this Iw3 error to stop also a punk buster thing its making me bonkers if anyone can help me fix it please do I wonna play .
  3. Popasquat

    I think it has gone too far, we have all said the N word some time in our lives . The N word not only replies to African Americans it applies to all races. It means stupid ignorant person so it doesn't matter what race you are. so you telling me if she called a Mexican the N word they would do this to her, ? I think she is a great woman an the reason for the apology was maybe to keep her show. She has enough money now she can buy them out an have her own network an I hope she does that .
  4. Popasquat

    thanks you guys its my old job but u havnt been there in 3 years I came home tired as hell
  5. Popasquat

    went to my job interview this morning at 9 am start to work at 2 pm I am so happy to be working again, I will play when I can ! Work is more important right now !!!!!
  6. Popasquat

    welcome to a family of idiots
  7. Popasquat

    awesome band go check out there other stuff CobraBites
  8. Popasquat

    you are so welcome I thought of you when I saw it !
  9. Popasquat

    Thought of you when I saw this..............
  10. Popasquat

    sorry to her of this hope everything works out for the best . I will say a prayer for you an the family , if you put it in gods hands he can take control.
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