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  1. Bazza

    Ijust got the game. Do we have a server, or just go anywhere?
  2. Bazza

    should never sell the bards tale, soo funny the way he fights with the narator
  3. Hi guys, Any idea whats wrong with COD4? I can get it to open, but it wont start anything. I DID chance my hdd, TO A ssd recently, could that be the problem?
  4. tried all those, it refuses to dl patch 1.7 as its already installed. And I tried that timmah! , but no luck yet
  5. Hi guys, my stupid computer deleted CoD4 instead of another game. I have tried to reinstall with steam, yes that meant buying it again, as I have no disc anymore, but I CANNOT get it to update. the patches wont go on, as it says they are installed, but when I play I have the wrong version? Please help me
  6. Im in if theres room, and its not in the next two weeks, as i',m off on my first holiday in 22 years, woohoo.
  7. hey, you punched me first.. LOL, AND ..... get off my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Bazza

    About Friggin' time
  9. Bazza

    Happy birthday
  10. Bazza

    Rest in peace Cobra. my prayers to you and all of your family he will be sorely missed
  11. i may buy it to try. I've spent a fair few hours on a new alpha release called stellar tactics lately. love space stuff. but not the big naval battles kind
  12. Bazza

    I really want to hear. i'm single, 45 and never had a 1 night stand. does it mean standing like a hooker on a corner? or can I do it anywhere???
  13. Bazza

    welcome to the forums...
  14. Bazza

    Happy Birthday you bloody MUPPET
  15. Bazza

    oh fuck no!!!!!! not only do we have to put up with him hopping all over the battlefields now on the forums too



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