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  2. Bazza

    I have two ethernet sockets in the wall in my room. One doesn't work, but the other one I'm plugged in to, but it goes not working for days at a time, and even if i put a brand new cable into it it doesn't. Then it if the blue, it does. But the 3 sockets in my comp are the normal default one, and two extras i bought trying to fix the problem
  3. Bazza

    Yes i have a shared household, but my ethernet works, then for three to four days it won't.i can put a brand new wire in any of my three sockets, and none works, then days later, hey presto, it works again
  4. Bazza

    Hi peeps. I often(very often) lose ethernet connection on my pc. To combat it, i bought a second ethenet card, and a usb to ethernet connection. And i have a usb to wifi, but the wifi is dodgy, had to move the table directly over the router downstairs. Now quite often i can't get ethernet, so i switch between the three, sometimes it comes on, most it doesn't, but i always have wifi. Does that mean the landlord is controlling what i can connect to?
  5. Bazza

    i am so glad for you sweetie. xx
  6. Lol, should have blown him up while you had the chance
  7. Hi all. Bazza here You have all seen me lately standing still, sometimes in mid air whilst my poor oooold pc gets over what ever kind of fit its having. Anyways, its been doing that in CoD4, in PGA21, and Diablo 2 LoD, which is a game from 2000. Why?? No idea, and i've been close to hurling the pc out of the window and me after it. But!!! I having thought of Diablo 2 LoD as my 2nd fave game of all time, Frontier Elite 2 as the best, blizzard have brought out Diablo 2 LoD remastered. With awesome graphics. I am on lvl 19 now, so a few days of game play around tennis, and NOT once has my comp lagged. How does that work? Is it a graphics resolution issue then? I will be back on CoD4 in a few days, but CRAP.... i need to play more Diablo first.
  8. Bazza

    Hi all. You may have seen me frozen in place MAAAAANY many times in COD4 lately, and lagging and for that i apologize. However, i dled Diablo 2 LOD, and pga 21, and i still get these little crashes! I have a brand new power supply, so would it be my processer dying or motherboard? I thought until now it was the internet here, but i now think i am wrong. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. it USED to be 98 jumping to 101 or 103, suddenly in the last couple of months, you see me getting ci's from between 6 and 15 secs or so. its Still about the same ping, just getting interupted all the time,
  10. not sure how i did that but hey, its there
  11. WILL that be able to help my 15 hops to the server, with 3 not working? Any way around that, or should i quit CoD4?
  12. i'm in a shared house. The cables blowing only started as covid hit and we got a lot of power cuts, maybe to manpower shortages? But they will blow in any of my three ports. As for the table moving the wifi on the pc has ALWAYS been really crap, and if its anywhere else in my room it can't find the router.
  13. don't laugh too hard intel core i7 3770 16g ram nvidia gtx 1060 6 gig monitor is a panasonic tv, i my normal monitor has had a new wire, but as i am having these ci's it wont fit on table, as i have had to position the damn table above the router because i keep blowing my ethernet cables, gone thro about 11 in 5 months its just had a new power supply, as my landlord says its my fault they blow, but i bought an ethernet card AND a ethernet-usb port as well
  14. Hi great peeps. I am asking if ANYONE can help me please, as i get sooooo many ci's in CoD4. NO other game, not in farcrys, battlefield, just this. It does't matter if i use ethernet or WiFi It is driving me insane.
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