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Recommended Posts, please.!!!....Fucken Stroke..I hate it...I just found out with your letter,,Im in tears right now....Im so sorry Pforzheim..for you!!! .my beautiful wife passed away last Christamas eve at 8:33 am in my arms..she had a Stroke 8 years ago and I look after her..all those years..I knew something was odd with you.!!.because you disappeared totally..and you were the best player I ever known in my last 14 years playing Call of Duty.. call of Duty... My wife got affected the left side but also her eyesight and other problems...if you have paralyzed the right side you also would have problems with your speech and eating. 

Pforzheim you the man from Black are German and strong...keep yourself with your head can beat this not giving yourself can find alternatives in your daily live..and also I want you to think that every day from now on...someone is thinking of you getting bye ..getting better...all out love to you my friend...bis zum Anblick Freund...

bis zum Anblick Freund

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