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  1. Spec me using a BOLT single shot rifle than EDIT this post.. Beeech..
  2. Unchileno

    I was too busy on the HOT blonde and waiting for that bikini shot .. P.s. Well done @Primetime . No need for XI logo bro..Your face said it all..
  3. Unchileno

    Really Lovyan!!! Really!!
  4. Numbers dropped during changes and DDos attack in my opinion.. Mw2 always has a great traffic.Its the folks that play the game..NOT the fking game it self, that make it fun.. P.s. Game changes are like life changes..Adjust to it or get run over . People bitching about the Duke are the ones that NEVER even got one lol. NOTHING wrong with RC either.. Keep moving back and fore and you will be ok.. @P!nk ..You are good player that should be able to adjust to game changes , Takes a little time but , you will get better.. There is other GUNS besides that saritch shit hon.. Game on beeeches..
  5. How? Fkers cant even pronounce beeeeech...
  6. Unchileno

    Over 1 Billion raised in only 2 days to restored it ..Wow.. one of Richest country in the world and they offer expertise only.. https://www.vaticannews.va/en/pope/news/2019-04/pope-francis-message-notre-dame-cathedral.html 👏..
  7. Unchileno

    Wow..Over 200 views and 5 responses. @Labob ..Le fake French fker...Well done, and surprised you took that much shit this long.. Go enjoy that CHEAP wine of yours and relax for now..
  8. Unchileno

    Wow..That thing looks like it can swallow anything..
  9. Unchileno

    Those [email protected]$#@%#%$^^$ . I gave those to my pet red bar ambilobe panther chameleon and he could not digest them ..Gosh I miss that little guy. He was this big ..
  10. Unchileno

    I just found out Hammer does NOT rage game , instead he goes out to search for the truth..
  11. Unchileno

    Historic day .Well looks like Albert Einstein was right. Here are some of the first ever images ever taken of a black hole . No its not pictures of you @Icequeen lmao.. 🖕 https://nationalpost.com/news/world/scientists-reveal-first-images-ever-made-of-black-hole I am so proud , as Chile had a hand in this . Like I said in a post before..We got some of the best telescopes and places to scope space.. P.s.. @TheHammer They used satellites bro.. lmao...😛
  12. Unchileno

    I found where @frenchi lives
  13. Chile has some of the best, if not the best skies to explore space..I would go as far as saying that at least 90 percent of the population has seen some odd shit up there..I know I have 👽..Grew up in South of Chile, farm boy ( not fully) lol. I can still remember playing outside after 9 and it was as bright as a cloudy day would get..Scary , but, Fking awesome.. I used to make a lot of wishes at falling stars , but now that I think about it..lol A list of observatories in Chile https://www.google.com/search?q=Paranal+Observatory&stick=H4sIAAAAAAAAAONgVeLUz9U3MK40qSoykszJLC5RyE9TSM7IzElVyE8qTi0qSyzJL6o8xYhQhmBXVkDZlkY5BoZQtlGZUYExjJ1TUmV6ipELxM4ysqwwT4ZyLIuKTU1MoaqSjCxzyh8x3mHkFnj5456w1CXGSWtOXmM8zcgl4JOfX5yaUxmUmpNYkpoSki9kxMXmmleSWVIpJMXFI8UB0m5YYFimwSDFxQXnSfEocfFOSt_zSvRYRvRVoSZGLu7g1JKQfN_8lMy0SqFioUIuTt_U3KTUomL_NKEULi7n_Jyc1OSSzPw8oTAuLSk1_WS4gH5icUlRfl5-bmZyYk48IkgyU4uBlmpwEamWZxGrDCx0kcJVITMPEtgAAXORuIkBAAA&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjq-b318MLhAhUl34MKHUNBDbQQ-BYIKjAP&biw=1920&bih=969
  14. Unchileno

    https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/40046060-republic-of-lies Here bro. Read this and SHUT the F/$?%& lol...
  15. You be the first one I target..Player formerly known as Hans or what ever you call your self now a day dirt bag..
  16. I like this idea...Rugger?