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  1. Unchileno

    I was thinking ( yes it happens) ..Gonna use a new name for a while see how it goes..last time I try Lautaro .. @pitbullpete kept calling me Larry cause he could not pronounce it so I gave up, but now!! Cause I kinda use C4 only . Say hello to "Dos-Sacos" The most interested man in XI ? . What you think? ? Stay THAW my friends..
  2. Unchileno

    Dos Sacos experiment is OVER!!! Fu redirect 😡 ps..Fu Angus . You moody Burbon drinking beeech..
  3. I like to play with my self.. ?
  4. oK. Might want to pick up this hobbit ..I work in the building that I live in and just score a Canon Eos t3 rebel , (people moved out and left ) Have NO idea if its good or not ( quality I mean) camera works just fine just have to figure out settings, that's when you guys come in..Does any one know how I can get started? . I mean..what settings are better under what conditions and things like that.. Here is a picture of my new baby..
  5. Unchileno

    That new thing again..lol. I run that clown show for years wanka..
  6. Unchileno

    Fking eh!! Put an XI logo on that and sell it on XI store.. I want a 2 four...?
  7. Unchileno

    Joint he discussion here Harry Potter look alike beeech. @J3st3r You got NOTHING on me fker.. @Labob Fu and your Cod5 gang..
  8. Unchileno

    This is wayyy beyond apologies m8. I say a round of Bj's for every one is in order here..
  9. Unchileno

    Yikes..Hang in there Jiggles..God Bless..
  10. Unchileno

    Maybe you are HARD of hearing or NOT idiot material m8. It was @Labob map which has FUCKED UP spawns and SOUND. (Major reason why people dont play it )No one was bullied into spec either @RobMc when votes are called , if NOT the necessary amount agree, the map STAYS.. You know that.. Crimson changed the map cause most of us agreed..you was spectating at the time or just NOT paying attention. Than you started to cry..Why oh God why!!. OPEN season on picking apples after that m8..We all ribbed you and surprise surprised..I JOINED in and said , A vote was call and only for Americans. You was too blind with rage by then to realize it was ALL a FKING JOKE.. P.S. Admins did NOTHING wrong here.. Have a good day ✌️
  11. Unchileno

    Where you there?
  12. Unchileno

  13. Unchileno

    73? ? Happy bday young man..and FU.. Happy bday to you too Mr..
  14. Unchileno

    Real good at getting away...
  15. Unchileno

    Thank you all and happy bday to other 2 dirt bags.. ?
  16. Unchileno

    Bond that..
  17. Unchileno

    No wonder you talk about PENIS during gaming fker. Spanish girl..ALL hers my man.. Wait!!.. I mean you ..
  18. Unchileno

    @Ruggerxi YOU BETTER MAKE A POST FOR ME TOO BEEECH.. P.s. Happy bday beeeches
  19. Unchileno

    I used to asked for nudes for memberships (that reminds me, need clear cache). You get tags and I get a boner..We all win at the end..?‍♂️
  20. Unchileno

    Unnecessary work for some one who does too much here already..That's why .. Anything else?
  21. Unchileno

    Ucha ucha ucha, No somos pocas pero somos muchas!!!! Bienvenido compatriota , estoy que lloro concha mi madre. Welcome my fellow country man, Just don't forget, I am the original UnChileno .
  22. Unchileno

    Second name change here no? stop giving @ROCKAPE extra work fker.. btw..Both names shit..
  23. Unchileno

    Yessssssssssssss. Welcome love..?