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question about an upgrade

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My current specs


CPU - I7 6700K 

Cooling - Corsair I-115 closed loop 

Motherboard - Asus Maximus IX  Formula 

GPU - Zotac GTX1080TI  Amped

Ram - 16 gigs of G-Skill OC at 3200

Power Supply - Corsair 850W


 So my question is I am going to have some extra money this year. I was thinking of upgrading my current Rig. In looking into things I have Noticed that I can get a I7 9700k and motherboard for and $600. to 750. and some change. I also  noticed that I can get a I9 9900K and board for just a little more cash. so in lies my question for the same amount of money I think I can find a RTX 1070 GPU. which way would you go if it was you. I like to try to upgrade major components every two years if possible. I do know that the 6700k is a good chip but would like to future proof as much as possible. the Zotac card I have now is a beast and have no issues. Any help this would be great thanks .

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Hard to say if Intel keeps their 1151v2 BGA socket for a long time. AMD does that way better or you could have kept your Z270 motherboard. But nope even though they could and has already tried(BIOS and pin tweak). Is your i7 bottlenecking and can it keep up or stuck above 90%? 

And pretty sure you mean RTX 2070 GPU, but right now please keep that sweet 1080Ti and people did massively buy those because of the bad reviews about the RTX right now.  I just don't think that it is worth(quality) this year or maybe till the summer of 2019. Just keep an eye on NVidia with a grain of salt. They even are going to release a other small RTX kind of card soon(was leaked) because of the problems they have with the production and not only issues with the VRAM. The flawed ones are going to be 'refreshed'. 

Try to run games from a nice and fast NVMe drives, because your OS can run from a simple SATA600 SSD. And put your "Pagefile" on a NVMe :)

If you have the money, I'd go for the 9900k. Thing is great as a chip, but requires good CPU cooling. And if you have to sell your 6700, hit me up by PM and we talk about it :) 


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