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War Thunder is a World War II-inspired, cross platform vehicular combat MMO developed by Gaijin Entertainment.


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  2. Anyone who wishes to play, contact me.....
  3. Sonovabich

    I crashed and my plane has not been repaired yet m8....will be back soon
  4. hi guys and girls. I play WT minimum 2 hours a day everyday, feel free to connect teamspeak and enjoy some battles with me. I play all servers except Asia.
  5. Introducing the Weekly Warthunder Show by Gaijin. Have a look. Find me everyday on Warthunder Ts channel, if you want to share flight or ground and sea combat. I believe i can fly...
  6. TheHammer

    yup I had that and another pos Garbage game whats the barber say NEXT!!!!
  7. Sonovabich

    You maybe have it running on the wrong settings ie as a pro or something, even i was stumped a bit a few months ago when mine had changed, you got to go on the easy settings and fly in 3rd person, i can't tell you exactly which ones at the moment as i cannot get into game (read my post above this one lol) i find it very easy to fly planes in this game only wish it was as easy in Battlefield games.
  8. Sonovabich

    We have had an XI squad since the game came out, quite a few in it, don't think many play together much anymore, yes it is a great game, i play when i can but have so many games it's trying to find the time to fit it all in, the only downer about the game is the company that runs it, they already robbed me once when i tried to buy credits, they said they gave them to me but i never saw any at all, took over a year to sort it, in fact i had forgot all about it then a couple of months ago i got Email saying they had refunded my money....guess what i have not received 1 penny from them, now i see in the last 2 days when i try to log on, it says it is the wrong Email address or password and i can't get into game...strange it's the same Email address and password i have used since game was launched.
  9. Truebrit

    I don't fly the aircraft because they are so weird to control. Shame because I love planes, I have a few flight sims. The tanks are great though.
  10. L!ckALotAPus

    I quit playing because they kept fucking around with how the aircraft flew! one day would be fine the next you crash or just can not turn
  11. I can't believe this game is free. Do you guys ever squad up and play. I've been playing for 3 weeks now (tanks only), around 30 hours per week, but always alone. German tanks are my fav, but I'm starting to rank up the Yanks and Russians, I prefer the faster tanks.
  12. IJHicks

    Arcade urgh RB is where it's at
  13. Hi idiots. WT opened a 2vs2 tank blitz battles with granted prizes. I opened the team and here's the link and PW to join https://tss.warthunder.com/#team-11503_1190 Get resistered with following PW: xtremeidiotsinplanes looking forward. ingame name in WT : Sykorsky (as usual )
  14. copenhagen

    @@BattlewolF i think i found you if your on
  15. BattlewolF

    can not find you with the name hellsangal in friends search
  16. for aircraft my highest battle ranking is 3.7 and for tank 2.3. name in game is hellsangal.
  17. Spartacus

    Ground Forces are a complete Joke imho... I often play (and win) getting "One Shot" three times per game.... 3 spawns, take 3 hits and Die 3 times Yaaaaay! FUN!!!!! Not..... Still better than WOT's by far, but they ruined this game....
  18. Sykorsky

    Well i'm sure you were trying to shoot my ass up! lol
  19. Unchileno

    PLEASE keep those cry babies UP there..No wonder server soooooooooooooooooo much quiet now. I play every day almost..BUT, I am NOT in XI list..Lmao Got 30 000 air kills ..
  20. well i did see you, i was flying with Dramallama and Jumper and another day with Stang.....I do not play Warthunder on my own, i like to play it with teammates
  21. BattlewolF

    Never see you online and you in my friendlist
  22. BattlewolF

    You can set everything like it was but a lot change in dead i played it also not for a while think a year now i am palying it again for a year Waiting for new battlefield than is stop and when i finished bttf i go play again warthunder
  23. BattlewolF

    I play every day, but you must stay in the friendlist otherwise you see no body What is your name in warthunder mine is SkunkNL_XI By the way is started the game at 9.00 and closed it at about 20.00 so most friends i do not see only wildbill i see and vipersniper Pink i do not see you eather online
  24. Sonovabich

    Why does no leaders online make your game experience different, it's not as if the leaders have anything to do ffs, if you are not happy go speak to Smurfy, he paid to set up that group, go tell him your complaints, you can kick me out, the game has changed too much fuck it.
  25. Sonovabich

    I never played for a while, went back a couple of weeks ago and all my controls had changed, it seems they went to simplified controls so i changed to realistic controls and they were exactly the same, i have a big circle in front of my plane and i just have no control anymore, the slightest touch on my mouse and my plane just spirals out of control, even trying to turn is so hard it's a fucking nightmare, i messed about trying to put stuff right but i don't know what has happened to this game, it's ruined it totally for me, it's got so bad that i even reinstalled World of Warplanes which i don't really like at all.
  26. L!ckALotAPus

    tell them to stop fucking up the game and people might play!

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